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§ Nation Established: June 17, 1944

§ Indigenous Language: Icelandic

§ Current Population: 334, 252

§ Gross Home Product: 20. 05 Billion US Us dollars


This might come off as a amaze but Iceland is a very calm country which has a small inhabitants in their community. They are an active member of CONSUSTANCIAL which means that they will don’t have armed service, navy, usaf, and not actually defense pushes. To protect the peace, that still uses tactical police, coast protects, police companies, and a great air immune system.

MEDICATION LAWS (which drugs will be legal? Which can be illegal? )

ü Unlawful Drugs: Pot and other varieties of drugs. Actually one gram of drug from Iceland would can fine you or imprison you.

ü Legal Drugs: Medical Marijuana (with a medical prescription and legal paper works)

GUN LAWS (what are definitely the parameters to get gun possession? )

Iceland is one of the happiest places on earth says the WeForum. One of the reasons is that they regulate their usage of guns accordingly. To be able to buy a gun, you need to complete a federal government safety program. You will be given a licensed for shooting when you passed that. They also have diverse caliber restrictions depending on precisely what is permitted on the person.

PROSTITUTION (Is it legal? What are the laws about it? )

Iceland’s prostitution scene is definitely thriving. Yes, it is unlawful to pay for sex there and the government stated they do not possess right and enough solutions to fund and legalize prostitution in the country. There is also a huge argument on what’s going on in the country with people stating that “it can be not suitable that women or people, in general, are goods to be sold” said Kolbrún Halldórsdóttir.

VICES (do they consume more prescription drugs than alcoholic beverages? Vice versa? Something more important? )

Iceland has been adoring alcohol and the intake of the folks are raising each year. Anything at all excess can be wrong but the youth specifically would beverage in hazardous levels of alcoholic beverages. From the RÚV reports in 2017, almost 4 percentage points for females ages 18-34 and for men, the liquor intake increased by several percentage factors.


Probably the most battle Iceland had been on was the cod turmoil or the cod wars. It is a conflict between United Kingdom and Iceland around the fishing legal rights in the Atlantic Ocean. Simply a diplomatic challenge between the two and it’s been stated there’s no bloodshed with this one.


Persons in Iceland share their love to get sports and many they may be obsessed with. Their finest ball game can be handball in which they even bag the silver honor in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. We are not pretty sure how come but Icelandic people generate the best chess grandmasters including Friorik Olafsson and Jon Loftur Arnason. Some other popular sports in Iceland can be track and field, field hockey, tennis, volleyball, and wrestling.


Iceland is very full of natural resources that people kind of asked so why this country is so rich. Initially, is their very own fisheries sector. They have the sole right to seafood in the Ocean Ocean. The second industry can be energy where the place is perfect for hydroelectric power and geothermal energy. The 3rd one is tourism. There are even even more tourists than the number of masse that goes right now there in a year.

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