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An analysis of gualinto s role in george wa gomez

George Wa

In Americo Paredes’s book “George Washington Gomez, inches the main personality George Washington “Gualinto” Gomez is a youthful Mexican-American guy, growing up in Jonesville-on-the-Grande, Tx. As the novel chronicles his trip to adulthood in early 1900’s Texas, the historical background provides several trials and tribulations pertaining to Gualinto that shape his identity and perspective upon life. Pushed to become a “great man” by idealism of his later father, Gualinto struggles to walk the lofty course set ahead of him. 1 character who does his highest to make sure that Gualinto realizes this kind of dream is his uncle Feliciano. Sparked onward by simply Gumersindo’s wishes that Gualinto become a superb man, Feliciano enters the complicated associated with politics and business while using intent of providing a fiscally stable ambiance in which Gualinto would have the chance to achieve this wish. Ironically, Feliciano ultimately disapproves of the man that Gualinto becomes mainly because Gualinto does not have intention of helping his people and has a adverse opinion of their resistance in general. However , with out his monetary support, his insistence after a formal education, and his position as father figure, Gualinto may not be the successful man that this individual has become at the conclusion of the book.

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During a time frame when many Mexican-American’s were poor and working useless end careers, Feliciano was able to guarantee economical security for Gualinto. This was a significant venture pertaining to him seeing that he “endeavored to make as much money as he could go ahead and possible to realize Gumersindo’s desire because he recognized that dreams are more likely to becoming reality if one has money” (Paredes 155). As a result, Feliciano did not follow Lupe and the sediciosos into Mexico, but conscious of his promises to Gumersindo, moved the relatives to Jonesville-on-the-Grande where he quickly transcended many socioeconomic ranks. He starts off as a bartender under the tutelage of Faustino Bello, although quickly techniques into the political arena gathering votes for Judge Norris and the doldrums. Then, Feliciano successfully owns his very own grocery store which in turn produces virtually all his prosperity. Although not rich by any means, since the sole breadwinner of his family, Feliciano is able to provide a home for his family with a “store bought” front door and a patio swing that symbolizes all their prosperity. Possibly once “La Chilla” strikes Jonesville-on-the-Grande, Feliciano and his relatives are are actually Mexican-American family members that are able to weather the tornado with little damage because Gumersindo hadn’t put all from the familie’s money in your pocket. All of this he does to be able to give Gualinto the ability to be a great man. Unlike different Mexican-American households, Gualinto would not have to function to help support his family members, although this individual chooses to for a short stint whilst in high school. As Gualinto matures and watches his other good friends drop out of school and begin functioning, he continually study and develop into a effective man. Other folks in the history were not because fortunate. For example , Gualinto’s sisters Carmen and Maruca. While girls, Feliciano did not proper care whether or not they finished school and, because these people were women, thought it best that they drop out anyways. With out Feliciano’s support as far as their very own education was concerned, both equally Carmen and Maruca sooner or later do drop out and become just someone’s better half by the end from the novel. Out of this, one recognizes that with out Feliciano’s diligence and monetary success, Gualinto would not have experienced the time or the ability to become a man of high esteem in how that Gumersindo envisioned it.

Feliciano’s economic savvy is yet another factor that provided Gualinto with the opportunity to pursue the single most important instrument to to become great gentleman: his education. Feliciano did not know very much about the parameters of becoming a great guy but he “made as much money when he could, for jobs he enjoyed but that sometimes made him doubt whether he was undertaking the right factor. All for his nephew’s education” (Paredes 49). Beginning with primary institution, Gualinto had a difficult time altering due to Miss Cornelia constantly picking in him and embarrassing him in front of the complete class. But Gualinto persevered and even excelled, getting identified for things like his capability to read fluently at such a young grow older. Next, Gualinto tackled middle section school and also for secondary school. High school graduation presented a large number of challenges for Gualinto what with Maria Elena Osuna employing him intended for his marks, La Chilla, and Maruca’s pregnancy. In spite of his lowering academic overall performance however , Gualinto finished this educational search as well. In contrast to most of Gualinto’s Mexican-American contemporaries, Gualinto managed to get not only to high school graduation but also through university and law school. This was something of the privilege for Gualinto because by the time he made it to high school, having been one of simply five People in mexico left inside the schooling program. Feliciano was the main, if perhaps not sole reason for Gualinto’s being able to accomplish that. If it weren’t for his ability to offer his family and the college finance that he previously put away a long time before “La Chilla” hit, Gualinto would have very long since discontinued his studies for economical reasons. Instead, Feliciano identified the importance of education at the beginning in Gualinto’s upbringing and impressed this upon him continuously.

Having guaranteed that Gualinto was educated and fiscally sound, one other contribution of Feliciano that ensured that his nephew became an excellent man was your father figure situation that he took in Gualinto’s life. Feliciano hardly ever had a better half or kids of his own, thus he invested in Gualinto like he had been his own son. Yet, Gualinto was hardly ever appreciative of whatever his dad did to get him. Having been embarrassed that they were not since rich as other families such as The Osuna’s and could not really appreciate what Feliciano had gone through to offer what they did have got. Despite Gualinto’s attitude, Feliciano continued to be the daddy Gualinto would not know, specifically by reminding Gualinto to prevent be ashamed of his Mexican roots. One particular sees how Gualinto problems to reconcile this together with his position inside the Anglo community. On one hand, this individual attends a school mixed with Mexicans and white-colored people and he attempts to be friendly with these people, but on the other hand this individual still seems the stress toward the rinches like the rest of his people. This really is demonstrated by the scene in the banana grove where Gualinto pretends that a person of the trees and shrubs is a rinche and says to it “Why don’t you kill myself, eh? Mainly because you capture people in the back. Mainly because you destroy unarmed guys and kids. ” (68). Despite Gualinto’s confusion, Feliciano did what he may to keep him grounded. Probably Feliciano’s very best act as father figure in Gualinto’s life was honoring Gumersindo’s dying want that he’d not tell Gualinto just how his father died. Keeping this assure was a big responsibility pertaining to Feliciano that he would not even go along with. It at some point causes Gualinto to think negatively of his father although “Gumersindo got given [Feliciano] a job to accomplish. The boy was also young to comprehend. Let somebody else tell him following [Feliciano] was dead” (Paredes 264). Concealing not only his father’s past but his own coming from Gualinto became a huge sacrifice for Feliciano because Gualinto ultimately relates to think of both of them as cowards for a time. Feliciano, however , acknowledges the the law of gravity of the circumstance and sees that if anyone were to find out about his role like a sedicioso, he would be in jail and there is no one to provide for the family. This individual also knows that Gumersindo wanted Gualinto to grow up without hate, but if Gualinto knew the circumstances of his father’s fatality, it would be extremely hard for him not to. Therefore, Feliciano enables Gualinto to believe what this individual wants to ensure that he would usually be there for him and that he might also prize his assurance to Gumersindo.

Feliciano may be the single most crucial reason that Gualinto spent my youth to be because successful as he was. Feliciano’s constant determination to his financial success is what assures Gualinto a chance to go to school and get an education that far exceeds the education of his contemporaries. In conjunction with that, Feliciano’s part as fatherly figure in Gualinto’s life was another important adding factor to Gualinto’s ultimate prosperity. In spite of Feliciano’s ideal efforts, Gualinto does not grow up to become the great gentleman that helps his Mexican people. In fact , this individual grows up to take on a rather bad view of Mexican amount of resistance as a whole, even legally changing his name to dissociate himself with this. Whether or not Gualinto is proud of his Mexican traditions as a grown man, he owes all he needs to Feliciano the Mexican protector who provided him every.

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