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Governance and development of it security

Global Governance, Secureness


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The and group assignment statement is in connection with Governance and Development of IT security plan and procedures. The company which I have selected an imaginary organisation A2Z. The main function on this organisation can be financial organization. We can likewise say that it is just a micro financing bank. A2Z is presented in such a way that we could conduct the necessary analysis and propose IT Security Governance programme in it. A lot more details of A2Z can be found in launch and further parts.


A2Z is known as a microfinance company with a thousand employees. The key aim should be to give exceptional financial services in people who have no monthly cash flow and hence boost their financial capability. The main principles of A2Z are consumer centric strategy, transparency monetary dealings. A lot of important information of A2Z is just as follows.


Tagline: Decision for better tomorrow.

Mobile Software: “fine” Iphone app which works on android phone. The key financial products of A2Z happen to be Savings Accounts, Current Accounts, Fixed Debris and Loans. The assistance is mainly for the people who are doing work for hourly/daily pay. A2Z can be divided into different departments simple functioning. They are really Finance, Promoting, Human Resources, Information Technology and Service Management. A2Z conducts both equally internal and external audits in all sections. Managing Representative is the individual that holds many of these of the stocks and shares. CEO and Divisional Chief executives contain the remaining stocks and shares based on selected conditions. Almost all sections include a Leader, 2 Primary Managers, Middle Level Managers, Team Supervisor, Team Business lead and personnel who work with daily business. A2Z follows line organisational structure which can be most suitable for any medium sized business. In this version, duty of each and every position is definitely clearly defined.

The picture above explains collection structure


The different departments within A2Z and their features has been described below.

Finance: It is the biggest department in A2Z. Teams of young specialists who have big experience in Accounting and Finance are utilized here. Team names are as follows. Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Accounting and Confirming, Budgeting and Forecasting, Internal Expense Management, Internal Taxation and Compliance, Tax Administration.

Advertising: This division can enjoy critical position in making connection with the public. It is split up into many sections. Company normally do offline and online marketing. Off-line marketing is definitely equally important as that of digital marketing as the customers in A2Z primarily are daily wagers. Public Relations, Creative Style, Data Management, Product Advertising, Social Media Crew, Legal Staff are the primary subdivisions who have help A2Z to become a innovator in microfinance business.

Human Resource: The primary duty of HR office is recruiting and schooling of new staff to A2Z. It also relates to company’s efficiency behaviour. The sub sections are Talent recruitment and Training, Salaries, Appraisal and satisfaction Management, Resolve conflicts.

IT System:

THIS Department is definitely the 2nd most biggest division in A2Z. A2Z uses the most complex technologies to achieve best outcomes. All decisions taken from the most notable management crew can be performed with the help of employees in that wing. Even though there are numerous competitors available in the market, quality of service of A2Z the actual difference.

A2Z provides Information Technology wing collect and use the info with for the most part care. The IT side plays an essential part available and the THIS Chief Executive comes directly under CEO. It has the following sub sections. Support Desk, IT Security, next Line and 3rd Line Teams. The other clubs as follows. Creation, Testing, Data Base Government, Web page maintenance and Back-up. The THIS infrastructure contains hardware and software items. Computer Systems, Telephones with IP address, Routers, Changes, Printers, Devices to record employee doing work hours, Monitoring Cameras, ATM Machines etc . The software platforms are Home windows, Mainframe. A2Z also use customised applications to run day to day business. The registration of cloud services put extra distance to their organization.

Most product related queries 1st go to Service Desk Team. All of the questions are resolved and the phone calls are noted for quality assurance. Sometimes buyer may encounter problems including login ID and username and password selection issues. All these will be resolved through phone call in Service Table. The gain access to issues upon customised applications will need further authentication hence these concerns will be given to User Access Management Group. Similarly an issue which could certainly not be settled by Assistance Desk is going to pass for the appropriate group.

Each of the users inside the A2Z network is taken care of by IT Security Team by providing right get. The internal and external gain access to regulation is carried out with the help of IT Security crew. The 2nd Collection and third line support resolve important network concerns which Gain access to team/Service Table cannot deal with. Similarly the other groups carry out their particular responsibilities based upon the business requirement.

A2Z web page can be secured and also have taken almost all measures against cyber threats. Any buyer can use the A2Z website and mobile application conveniently.

IT Property Names Product Product Product Product Merchandise

Laptop Desktop Notebook

Phones Smartphones CISCO

Pc Peripherals Mouse Keyboard Keep an eye on

Network Components Router Switch Hub Connecting Wiring

Uninterrupted Power APC simply by Schneider Electric

Computer printer and Scanning device Canon

LCD Projectors Canon

Wifi Vodafone

Computer software Operating System Windows Mainframe Unix

Qualified Application Software programs Office 365 Microsoft Gain access to Mainframe DB2

Customized Application software programs Rumba Prod Rumba Dev Teradata Falcon

Software Solutions IDAM Solution MS Azure Cloud

Security Hardware and Softwares Firewall Kaspersky The security software

Table 1 Table which describes IT Asset List

Center Management

The department arrange all things necessary for daily activities and offer a safe place for functioning. The teams included in this department are Health insurance and Safety, Job Management, Spending budget Management, Travel, Operations and maintenance.


A2Z offers unique pair of values as well as the quality of services makes A2Z different from any financial organisations. A2Z face organization challenges from similar organisations, but its extraordinary employees and customers make them to stay competitive in the market. Apart from this, there are a lot offences associated with the economic sector.

Price Waterhouse Coopers(pwc) done a review on economic crimes that was happened in 2014 and 2011. There was a increase in bribery and file corruption error. The cybercrime threats and accounting frauds was elevated 1% which is due to the lack of monitoring and logging similar cyber dangers. If the hazards are unattended, there is a huge chance of repeating it again.

A2Z has 55, 000 consumers and progressive rate of increase in their particular numbers every year. Every year a few huge number of persons starting online accounts. A2Z think that strong I . t Wing may do a lot in bettering company’s organization value. A2Z follows client centric procedure. This is the reason why they can say that these are the real stake holders.


The structure of A2Z and nature of its business has been discussed above. It has to be taken into account that A2Z has a THAT infrastructure which helps to manage the business effectively. We can develop information technology program and guidelines as part of effective IT framework in the organisation and the governance of the same exactly where necessary.

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