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Icmt standard communications solutions essay

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Communications Solutions: ICMT

ICMT: Communications Technology

Simplicity or Complexity

The word ICMT identifies the various tools utilized by organizations inside the creation and dissemination of print, appear, still images, and lives forms of media. The most commonly-used ICMT equipment in the organizational setting today are email, instant messaging companies, and social-networking sites including Facebook and Twitter. These types of technologies boost the diversity from the devices and services that users have to deal with, resulting in an enormous burden of complexness. This complexity creates road blocks to acknowledgement and powerful exploitation of such technologies. To prevent this kind of, organizations have to come up with techniques for simplifying the usage of ICMT. This they can do by simply developing a number of techniques and tools that enable users to customise and make use of devices with minimal hard work (Salina Salina, 2008).

For example, a user can be interested in obtaining sales details from the sales’ department positioned in a different ground on their gadget. In a non-simplified work environment, such a user would have to engage with their very own colleague in the sales department through either email or instant messaging to obtain the information that he or she needs. This increases the risk of period wastage and information having distorted. To generate such a procedure simple, the business could basically introduce the virtual greeting card or biometric identification program, where the end user provides their pre-determined consumer name and password and is then given direct access to the organization’s revenue data. It will help to not only save time, but as well ensure that unprovoked delays happen to be avoided.

We could also take the example of a manager who wishes to share a helpful video on how to operate a brand new machine along with his employees on the mobile devices. Instead of uploading the video for individual employees, the supervisor could simply use the Wireless feature on their device to share the video effortlessly across the business. Simplicity is all about making your ICMT technique easier and even more convenient for users (Salina Salina, 2008). It helps to save time and methods, and to make technology more workable and simpler for users to explore. It is vital, therefore , that organizations make an effort to reduce the standard of complexity inside their ICMT tactics so that they are able to realize the full benefits of this sort of technologies.

Component Two: Creativeness and Innovation

Innovation can be explained as the creation of value through the development of solutions

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