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Feasibility Study Apartment Essay

Inside our everyday life, all of us use Property in some manner; all of us make use of Property resources to provide shelter, comfort and ease, convenience, and privacy, a location of work, pastime facilities and related services.

In an approximate Real Estate symbolize more than forty percent of the national wealth. The standard component of real estate is not only the top of earth but also the exact property rights and interest that attach to possession of real estate. Thus real estate means acquire of area and building which known as inherent right.

The men whom are owner, user, developer, financer or marketer from the property incorporate some rights towards the property. Nowadays, the demand intended for apartment/boarding homes has increased due to population development. To assemble the needs and wants of each individual and family, therefore , Blue Atmosphere Townhouse the need to put up additional units that provides the desired features and establishments for prospective tenants.

If the demand has been reached owner may gain earnings. Organizational Graph and or chart

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