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Fences by simply august pat essay

Imagine to get a moment it really is your big sisters seventeenth birthday. She actually is out with

her friends celebrating, along with your parents are with the mall together with your little

buddy doing some last minute birthday purchasing, leaving you home alone. You

then hear a topple on the front door. When you arrive, nobody can there be, just

a great anonymous take note taped for the door that says Completely happy Birthday, and also a

hundred dollar bill. Youve been perishing to obtain that fresh video game, plus your

sister will never know.

You happen to be faced with a hardcore decision, although not a very

unusual one. In both Fencing, by September Wilson, and A Pampre in the Sun, by simply

Lorraine Hansbury, tough decisions have to be made about receiving money via

someone elses misfortune. But moneys that important proper? The function of

money in peoples day-to-day lives is pretty amazing the moment its put into

perspective. The primary reason the majority of Americans get up in the morning is so they

can be out and make money. Money buys items, money impact on people, funds

keeps us alive, money makes us happy. Or does it? In Fences, by simply August Pat

the Maxtons get their money when Gabes head is shot inside the war.

In A Raisin

in the Sun, by simply Lorraine Hansbury, the Younger family gets their money when

Walters father dies. But perform these things make sure they are happy? Obviously not. That they

are approaching upon money from an individual elses bad luck, someone that they love. The

money may possibly have made life easier to get a brief instant, but the originality soon

fades and actuality soon earnings. The interesting thing about these two books

is that the money received by simply both the Maxtons and the Little one did precisely the

opposite of what everybody expected that to do. It eventually built problems intended for

both of the families.

In Fences, the Maxtons used Gabes money to obtain a house

and even though it seemed like a good idea, when Gabe moved out, this caused a

great deal of remorse in the friends and family, but particularly in Troy. He just couldnt

get over how he utilized someone he loved a whole lot, and they couldnt even understand

it. Within a Raisin in the sunshine, the Little one also buy a house together with the money the

life insurance gave them. However problem happen to be caused certainly not by guilt, but by two

totally different feelings. One is the impression of being the item of racism in

their very own new community when the Welcoming Committee tries to get them never to

move in. The other is the combination of defeat, damage, anger, and self-pity

felt by the whole family once Walter manages to lose the rest of the cash and the Youthful

family is left with nothing but a family house in a area where that they arent


And money is a good thing? Responding to that problem is a simple 1. Yes

money is a good thing when it is managed in the right way. The two Maxtons

as well as the Youngers had trouble in how they taken care of their money and this led to

a lot of the problems that they both confronted. Money is what makes the world get

round in our modern society, but its not a approach to evaluate success, like

or joy. As Bob Dylan said, Whats money? A man is known as a success in the event he

gets up in a period of time and goes to bed at night and in-between does what he

wants to do. All money actually is, is a method to buy materials things.


their important, however, not close to how important the people we love will be. They

will be where real happiness comes from, not coming from little green pieces of conventional paper.

Happiness is not having what you need, its wanting what you include..

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