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Computing program upgrade exploration paper

Intel Corporation, Program Architecture, Operating Systems, Operating System

Excerpt from Study Paper:

Digi DETRAS Case Study

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The writer of this response is asked to judge the DigiPos case study and give responses to four major questions. First, the author is asked to examine and assess the main computing problems that DigiPos up against regard for the system updates involved and discussed in the case study. Second, the author is asked to discuss the solutions that have been used to fix the problem. Third, the author is asked to compare the Mess Blade and Retail Knife hardware and software alternatives. Fourth and finally, the author comes up to assess the means by which total expense of ownership (TC) was been able along with an opinion of what will or perhaps will not work in addressing precisely the same (DigiPos, 2013).

Questions Solved

As far as the challenges or perhaps problems that were faced as stated by the case study, the earlier section of the study enumerates that providing unique selling solutions that maximized the return on investment with the firm as well as helped DigiPos retain it is competitive advantage was one particular challenge. An additional challenge was constructing an effective framework, or “roadmap’, toward offering predictability and suitable levels of functionality via the utilization of embedded processor technology (DigiPos, 2013).

So far as the alternatives offered, all those are also plainly articulated in the case study. It really is noted that DigiPos has turned it a point to control exclusively and over a long period of time with a unique technology answer, that staying Intel devices. It is also mentioned in the case study that they usually do not limit the technology utilized to Intel systems but likewise different chipsets in general, including the i7 as well as the Q67 Express Chipset (DigiPos, 2013). As well, they use Stable State Drives rather than classic platter hard drives. The upsides to SSD’s are obvious. Even though the straight up cost of SSD’s are much bigger, the trustworthiness of SSD’s also much higher given that you will find no shifting parts in the drives which can be far and away the most typical cause of harddrive failure (Domingo, 2013).

Regarding the differences and similarities between the Quantum Blade and Retial Blade systems, there are crystal clear benefits to both however the Quantum choice is obviously far better. Both the Full and Mess blade offerings are better than traditional retail DETRAS systems because upgrading the systems are certainly not “all or nothing” sélections. In other words, when there is a part of the machine that is deficient and needs to become upgrade, it is not necessarily necessary to discard and exchange the entire system. Instead, only the parts which have been in need of upgrade, like the mainboard or the memory, can simply become swapped out. The 2 blade devices are different in that deviations of any form from predicted parameters was a fairly key liability while using Retail Knife systems which was tremendously improved upon with the better strength efficiency and performance curves in the Quantum Cutter systems

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