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Drew bropy essay

As the original mastermind behind the “lost” surf boards that began appearance a few years in the past, Drew Brophy gave fresh life for the almost forgotten art of surfboard model.

From the very beginning, young Received was building a name for himself, not only as a browse artist, yet also like a local hellman in the big surf. In high school Came worked because an airbrush artist, looking to save up enough funds to pay his way to Hawaii. His hard work paid off, allowing Received to capture his plane to the topical Islands shortly after his high school graduation. Drew found that his southern accent made him be noticeable like a sore thumb, yet he made on with it simply by fearlessly dealing with some of the biggest mavericks that the angry Pacific ocean could throw at him. His custom panel designs as well where producing a mix at the beach side, but unfortunately, not so much while using board shapers. The classic white-colored board and curren railroad bands were the current novelty, and shapers where leery to use Drew’s unconventional illustrations. As if being rejected wasn’t enough, Drew suffered a major get rid of that left him impaired for over 3 months. Unable to function, Drew packed up and moved into his friend’s garage in San Clemente. This seemingly tragic event actually would turn into the starting place of Drew’s career.

Seeing a few illustrated boards beneath the arms of some regional gromits, and having restored the use of his arm, Attracted looked intended for the creator of these planks in hope of in getting employed. Directed to the San Temperato Surf Organization, it was here Drew initial met local shaper Shiny Biolos. Shortly after he was hired, Drew persuaded Matt to let him manage his store while having been on a business trip in China. Given free rule of the store, Drew gone wild, creating fantastic and beautiful illustrations of sunsets, surf and sun gods. Drew’s panels flew off the shelves and stared the lost surfboard craze.

Drew finds his inspirations from many search artist, just like Rick Griffen, Robert Williams, and David Rietvela, nevertheless most of his inspiration comes form seeing the Hawaii surf, fine sand and sunlight. Drew is known as a self educated artist whom although recognized to many fine art schools, couldn’t afford to go. Drew’s pallette is mostly blues and greens, nevertheless he likewise draws by a large pallette of vibrant oranges and reds, purples and yellows.

Drew is now a 30 year old family man, managing his partner Maria fantastic son Dylan. He nonetheless loves to browse and is expending his skills to illustrating children’s literature, toys, and clothing.


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