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Enron Case Essay

1 . What led to the break of Enron under Lay and Skilling? There were different reasons as to why Enron flattened under Lay and Skilling. One purpose Enron collapsed under Put is because Put simply would not practice what he preached. Lay would not live simply by his code of values and neither did his corporation. Not only this, but Put and top management gave Andrew Fastow an exemption to the code of ethics to continue conducting business.

Another reason that Enron collapsed, under Skilling, is that Skilling had a performance evaluation process for all Enron employees that didn’t express the code of integrity that they should’ve followed which will caused personnel to get ranking their colleagues lower concerning enhance their very own position in the firm. 2 . How would the top leadership at Enron undermine the foundational ideals of the Enron Code of Ethics? The very best leadership for Enron eroded the foundational values simply by granting a great exemption to Andrew Fastow to continue attracting dirty funds through his actions.

As well, the top command allowed a bent culture of ethics simply by promoting to the employees that they had to make the numbers actually any way they could even if perhaps that intended to break the law. 3. Given Kenneth Lay’s and Shaun Skilling’s operating beliefs as well as the Enron Code of Values, what objectives regarding ethical decisions and actions should certainly Enron’s personnel reasonably have experienced? Enron had a great and revered code of ethics among its peers.

Also, Put and Skilling had respected operating philosophy since they also represented the Enron Code of Integrity. So , moderately, the employees’ expectations must have fun to perform the right point morally and ethically as well as to uphold the respect, ethics, communication, and excellence Enron stood intended for. 4. How did Enron’s corporate traditions promote unethical decisions and actions? Enron’s corporate traditions promoted unethical decisions and actions merely by the avarice that the best management confirmed and carried out.

For example , Skilling’s implementation of performance assessments for all the personnel was unethical because it was geared to open fire the lower one-fifth of the personnel. Not only that, nevertheless partnerships were mostly developed only to hide the companies’ losses throughout the bonus program. 5. How did the investment banking community help the ethical fall of Enron? The expenditure banking community contributed to the ethical failure of Enron because not simply were they will enablers but they also participated in the frauds as well. For example , Enron would book loans known as prepays to their operating cashflow.

Also, Claire Fastow was also in order to use a technique where a poor performing asset would be flourished the catalogs and be marketed back to the company at profit after the end of sectors after the earnings had been booked.

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