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E-business Essay

1) How can Freitag. ch differentiate alone in the deal process? Explain the detailed concepts and also corresponding IC-Systems. Figure out expertise in the levels and try to obtain, why Funfter tag der woche. ch selected this concept. Operating in the market seeing that 1993, Funfter tag der woche. ch started to be a successful business for producing handbags accompanied by other related goods (who also resulted incredibly efficacious findings).

This organization was built up based on the principle of creating something useful by waste. ( This is an issue, which differentiates it from the production point of view. Among the stages of deal processes Funfter tag der woche. ch searches for truck tarps, bicycle inner tubes, safety belts and reused airbags, the raw materials intended for the bags.

Pertaining to the procurement of these materials Freitag. ch gets in touch with everyone ready to sell this kind of used products by it is communication ways on the official website. ( ) For this purpose a hazard is also prepared which orients better the potential suppliers. ( ) All of the above mentioned services and details offer a full view of what Freitag. ch really is and how it works, attractive many clients and suppliers. Not merely confirm their particular success but in reality make a serious presentations with regards with suppliers giving all needed information and conditions of cooperation conditions. ( ) 2) Does funfter tag der woche. ch follow a multichannel technique, concerning their very own distribution channels?

Please illustrate, what problems may result coming from different (one-or multichannel-channel-) division strategies, and exactly how they are (or may be in future) taken care of by Funfter tag der woche. ch. Utilizing a multichannel syndication strategy gets bigger the section of customers Funfter tag der woche. ch actually reaches. On the other hand it has its risks. For example: permitting other retailers to sell usana products, Freitag. ch risks to not sends to its clients the appropriate meaning that its actual stores stand for. It is clear that a part of the fans of freitag. ch are lured by the fact that it makes useful wasted resources, not only when making but also for the stores they build.

What Freitag brothers initial wanted was going to sell bags-made-from-tarps in a shop-made-from-containers actualizing their particular motto of not wasting even on their stores. This is a very important communication for a significant part of the customers, which dangers missing on other retailers’ stores. In order to avoid it Funfter tag der woche should be even more selective and a bit impacting of it is basic principles the moment contracting stores. 3) Which usually general E-Business-strategy is carried out by Freitag. ch at the moment? Try to search for about their business model (with its partial models) and simple strategic principles in terms of possible using their situation in mind.

There are 3 ways a company can make to compete in the market and seduce the shoppers: Differentiation strategy It is actually a strategy whereby a internet marketer offers an item as one of a kind in sector by demonstrating that it offers a distinct benefit over various other products by setting it apart from other competitors’ brands in some way and also the other, besides price. Expense leader approach is founded on a marketing approach in which price is the main ideal tool and where the organization generates monetary value with lower costs than competitors Segmentation strategy is a advertising plan wherever all marketing efforts are directed at one particular market segment.

Among the list of competitive approaches I see Funfter tag der woche. ch hovering mainly in differentiation strategy. From the initial moment it came as a new notion of producing hand bags from outdated tarps (which handle a story) and is still trying to find enough sources so that it can go on giving unique items to it is clients. With the different programs that Freitag. ch utilizes (*Virtual communities, *Online store, *e-Purchasing, *e-Catalogue, *e-Search) I possibly could say it has a high level of electronification and also has innovated the traditional way of making business.

4) Why is Freitag. ch special concerning their relation to customers? Take those approaches of hybrid E-Business-Strategies as a beginning point, pick out innovative concepts and features and also future opportunities. From the buyer aspect, inspite of the quality, the most crucial they offer may be the uniqueness of the bags. Freitag. ch remedies in information every tote, made of applied truck tarps with its own story, appearance and state of use. The preparation process goes on by cutting by hand and regular sewing pieces of tarps.

In this globalized and massive market we know just how is worth this kind of individual and meaningful item. Furthermore throughout the years they may have developed a brandname in which persons now trust and are ready to purchase. Based upon this I can position Funfter tag der woche. ch getting close to despite differentiation strategy toward segmentation strategy.

This formula of strategies permits them to include demands and continuous offers even though their very own prices may not be the cheapest. In the event someone today tends to get a Freitag product it does not happen at random. It is just a client that knows the corporation, the way functions, the value it adds to its products through the entire procedure before offering and is thereby why it is willing to pay. Additionally an important element we notice on the business approaches is that Freitag carries out a combination of Value-Oriented and Network-Oriented.

5) What strategic suggestions might you offer Freitag. ch pertaining to upcoming Elektronische geschaftsabwicklung challenges? Make your own ideas referring to the SWOT evaluation! Lack of entry to resources Its not so easy to find enough employed tarpaulins and also colored (as Daniel Freitag cited) While the company has been able to increase, the biggest obstacle isn’t finances.

It’s finding enough functional tarpaulin, especially with exotic colors and designs, – Daniel Funfter tag der woche said in the Out with the Bag exhibition at Zurich’s design museum.

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