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Analysis of moschino barbie ad article

Barbie Doll, Mattel, Figure Analysis, Industry Analysis

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Company Summary

Mattel is known as a producer of children’s toys and games, including the famous industry brands Fisher Cost, Barbie and Hot Rims. The company offers strategic partnerships with other major brands including Disney, WWE, Nickelodeon and Warner Bros. The company performed nearly $6. 5 billion in revenue in the last fiscal year, and turned a profit of simply of $900 million. Almost half of it is revenues come from international markets.

The Barbie brand is the most important for the business, with just over $1 billion in annual profits. The company’s promoting is focused around the end-of-year, the moment gift-buying for youngsters reaches the peak. The business utilizes most forms of multimedia for its promoting, including classic 30-second tv set spots. Mattel spent $733. 2 mil, or 12. 2% of net product sales, on the marketing attempts in the last monetary year (Mattel 2014 Total annual Report). With regards to distribution, their three largest clients are Walmart, Toys 3rd there’s r Us and Target, worth a combined $2 billion dollars, or a third of total company revenue (Mattel 2014 Annual Report).


Similar in question is definitely the Moschino Barbie 30-second television set spot. The location features two girls and a boy having fun with the product, a Barbie which has been co-branded with an German fashion house. The location was released in November, 2015. It was produced internationally, and received significant press because it was the first Barbie ad to have a boy. The ad provides over a few million strikes on YouTube and received press coverage by major press in the U. S., Canada, Australia and the UK. The item itself was a limited edition Barbie that retailed for $150 and sold out within days of its release, so it would seem that the advertising was even more about providing the brand than this one particular limited edition item.

The advertising features three children, two girls and a boy. The youngsters are all highly-styled in terms of their head of hair and garments, presumably appropriate the Moschino aspect of the branding. The doll is featured with a house and an extensive wardrobe, including Moschino branded items. The spot was filmed in a studio and features no background, only the children as well as the toys. The music is noisy and poppy, and incorporates a female vocal singing lyrics about the product. The children mainly confront the camera and gush about the item. The replicate contains a few interesting factors – the boy proclaiming “Moschino Barbie is so fierce” is probably the standout line of replicate from this advertising. Visually the perception of the toys plus the children – all in what would be described as high fashion – is the central takeaway.

Persuasive Technique

The merchandise is aspirational in characteristics. The actual Moschino Barbie, relating to media sources, was obviously a limited edition product that retailed for $150, much more when compared to a usual Barbie, and was not sold through the normal channels that Mattel uses. A reasonable assumption would be that the ad

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