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Chocolate war by cormier essay

Will i dare disturb the universe172. With these types of words Robert Cormier plainly shows his purpose pertaining to writing The Chocolate War. He writes it to provide insight into the effects of standing up for what you believe in. Through his portrayal of personas, and plan, Robert Cormier achieves his purpose. Cormier shows what happens to Jerry Renault and his protagonist Archie Costello. Through The Chocolate War Robert Cormier evidently shows his feelings towards conformity as well as the abuse of power. The Chocolate War focuses on a freshmen called Jerry Renault, and his problems at Trinity.

Trinity is actually a prestigious school run by simply Brother Leon, the school headmaster. Brother Leon runs a college chocolate deal every year inside the fall and it usually lasts about two months. The vigils are a secret group at Trinity led simply by Archie Costello. When Jerry refuses to take part in the school candy sale the Vigils take offense. As a result the Vigils psychologically and physically destroy Jerry Renault. Because of Jerrys refusal to conform he gets defeated by the university bully. Robert Cormier displays the consequences of standing up so that you believe in and his feelings towards conformity through his great use of character and plot.

One of many ways in which Cormier achieves his purpose is definitely through his excellent characterization of character. Through the character types of the book Cormier sets up the leading part and the antagonist to make an interesting novel. Cormiers description of his heroes sets up a vivid picture of the character and also helps the reader to identify with all the character. The key character inside the Chocolate Conflict is Jerry Renault. Jerry is the regrettable young mature who endures the consequences of standing up for what he believes in. Every early morning Brother Leon would read the roll phone off each morning Jerry would response NO67.

Cormier uses Jerry as the victim of the story, whom gets harassed over and over again. He’s described as Poor Renault86. Cormier makes the visitor feel sympathy for Jerry Renault besides making it so the reader can easily identify with the suffering that Jerry is being confronted with. We are made aware that Jerrys Constant refusal to conform gets him only trouble. Through Jerry, Cormier portrays his feelings to standing up for what you believe in and the implications of the things you might go through to do that. Perhaps the most insidious and bad character of all of them is Archie Costello.

Archie is the assigner of the vigils and was considered extremely powerful. He plays head games with people instead of employing physical means. People say keep Archie happy, the moment Archies cheerful, were all happy14. Cormier uses Archie as the antagonist of the story. Archie gloats in the reputation and abuses his power by Trinity. This individual sometimes stays on up for hours thinking up assignments. Archie has influence which he could use in the school and against Jerry Renault26. Cormier uses Archie Costello while the cause of Jerry Renaults battling for standing for what he believes in.

One more character in The Chocolate War who makes Jerry go through is Buddy Leon. Close friend Leon abuses his electric power as the headmaster from the school. Close friend Leon is definitely running the school chocolate deal and will whatever it takes to ensure its success. Brother Leon invested a big sum of money inside the chocolates and feels this is the only method for the school to generate money. To ensure its success Brother Leon demands the Vigils to help By simply getting behind the sale25. Brother Leon finally convinces Archie Costello to get the Vigils to help. Archie says The vigils will help27.

Robert Cormier does a fantastic job of using character to show his purpose pertaining to writing The Chocolate Battle. He uses very reasonable characters that are very easy to relate with especially easy for teen visitors. Cormiers books are very stir, probably because his novels are among the list of relatively couple of that combine a honest examination of the values and decisions that trouble children 256 Yet another way Cormier achieves his purpose is through plot. Cormier makes the plot so the visitor can understand what is happening.

Cormier uses the plot showing the consequences of standing up so that you believe in and to show his thoughts towards conformity. Cormier also uses vivid detail through the plot to leave the reader know what is happening. The plot with the Chocolate Warfare is centered around a boy named Jerry Renault. Jerry is attending his first year by Trinity Prepare. High School. His first season becomes a horrible year pertaining to him. One incident which gives insight into the results of standing up for what you believe in was during basketball practice. Come on Renault, wake up, is all Jerry hears following being struck blow by simply blow by his teammates138.

Cormier uses this episode to show precisely what is beginning to eventually Jerry if he stands up so that he features. Jerry starts to wonder and asks him self Do I care to disturb the universe138. The next incident which in turn shows Jerrys suffering may be the phone calls at his home. When Jerry gets home from basketball that night the telephone is buzzing as he moves in. Howdy, who is this, and then absolutely nothing, just silence139. Then again for eleven oclock, no response again. Jerry begins to receive angry and says That is this, is this some slide? Some flaky nut? Some stupid Cool? 139. Cormier shows just how Jerry can be starting to get psychologically bothered and how he could be suffering to look at a stand and not offering the chocolates like he was supposed to. That youre a fairy. A queer. Living in the cabinet, hiding away153. Jerry discovers himself getting confronted by the school bully and being made entertaining of, and being known as queer.

What from Emile Janzas mouth still suspending in the air enraging Jerry Renault. Robert Cormier uses this incident to exhibit Renaults 1st incident of physical suffering for not providing his chocolate. A dozen fists pummeled his body, finger nails tore for his chest154. Jerry was beaten to a pulp there outside the institution by 6 kids. Jerry Renault begins to wonder if this individual really does care disturb the universe. Possibly the most brutal incident in the novel occurs near the end. and the child whose created blow is the one that ends the fight, possibly by knockout or give up, receives the prize 179. As Carter explains the guidelines of this shocking event the crowd yells and cheers. Jerry and Emile stand there inside the boxing diamond ring out on the football field waiting for the first proceed to be called.

Robert Cormier uses this event as his main example of the suffering Jerrys peers inflict on him. Janza, low strike to the groin185. The call that ended all of it. Jerry prevents the impact and then Emile beats him to a pulp right there. Jerry finally understands what features happened and why: Don’t disturb the universe, Goober, no matter what the posters say187. This kind of clearly displays Cormiers thoughts towards conformity and standing for what you feel in. The plot with the Chocolate War causes a solid feeling of compassion from the target audience. The events that occur in the plot in the novel are very shocking.

Cormier does an excellent job of using storyline to show his feelings to standing up for what you believe in and the effects that may take place from that. Critic Paul Ettenson claims that Cormiers work shows adolescents who confront evil256. Robert Cormiers purpose intended for writing The Chocolate Battle is to offer insight into the consequences of standing up for what you believe in. Cormier definitely defines his purpose in writing this novel. Relating to Paul Ettenson Simply no other article writer in youthful adult fictional works has stirred up even more controversy256.

Most of Cormiers novels definitely charm to the teenager reader since they are easy to identify with. I think that most young adults will love this book. I as well feel it is going to equally become enjoyed by adult audience because of Cormiers universality and his readability by simply all audiences. Cormier does this with, powerful conflict, uncertainty, and unpredictable developments in plot and character, states critic Paul Ettenson256. Robert Cormier certainly achieves his purpose on paper The Chocolate War through his good use of storyline and character.

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