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Caulerpa lentillifera Essay

Declaration of the Trouble 1 . May Lato (Caulerpa lentillifera) provide as fertilizer to plant life? 2 . When compared to usual fertilizers, will sugar help yield lato manures a better cause growing of plants? three or more.

Can Extenso seaweed and sugar match with each other to make a crop-yielding fertilizer? Null Hypothesis 1 ) Lato can be utilized as a fertilizer to crops. 2 . Sugar can help produce lato manures a better lead to growing of plants. a few. Lato and sugar match with each other in making a crop-yielding fertilizer. Value of the Study Over the years, area and marine farming is a huge part of Philippine life.

It really is cored for the notion which our archipelago is usually surrounded both equally by a significant body of water and land location. Amid the adamant requirement of our domains to gain healthier crops, we all, Filipinos are most definitely in ought to pave techniques for tricks of growing each of our crops that may later lead to profitable pick. In this interconnection, this exploration aims to analyze the potentials of extenso seaweed and sugar since fertilizers with cheap investment. This purpose roots the significance for the need of Filipino maqui berry farmers to use affordable, organic, and accessible manures that will help them in yielding strong and abundant crops.

Overview of Related Literature those growing plants for foodstuff can use copious amounts of seaweeds for mulch and fertilizer. (Traditional Irish fertilizer, observe: Man of Aran, as well as the Field), add seaweeds generously to compost (Ryan Drum, 2012) Seaweeds are 20-50% dry fat mineral the elements rich in seaweeds incorporate: potassium, salt, calcium, magnesium, zinc, water piping, chloride, sulfur, phosphorous, vanadium, cobalt, manganese, selenium, bromine, iodine, strychnine, iron, and fluorine (Kazutosi, 2002). Fertilizers from seaweeds result to enhance crop yield probably as a result of presence of growth endorsing hormones (Bentley-Mowat, 1963).

Other beneficial effects incorporate increased amount of resistance of plant to yeast and insect pests and maximize water having capacity from the soil (Mathiseson, 1967). Caulerpa lentillifera is high in minerals, vitamin A, C, and several vital unsaturated fatty acids. It is also reported to have antiseptic and antifungal properties (

Sugar put into fertilizer may influence the pH amounts within the soil. Plants which can be sensitive to a change in pH levels will be unable to absorb nutrients through the soil. ( Sugar is a great method to get rid of weeds and keep the lawn’s eco-system balanced. Ordinary table glucose spread with your lawn is an organic garden method to keep weeds from increasing. ( Scope and Limitations This research concentrates and aspires only to research the possibilities of extendido seaweed and sugar since fertilizers in particular when combined together.

The specialist gathered info from surfing the internet as a way first-hand statement and trials.

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