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Caring for populations assessment and diagnosis

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Caring for Populations – Analysis and Medical diagnosis

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Caring for Foule: Assessment and Diagnosis

The aging population in the united states is no key. The baby boomers are attaining retirement age and people are living longer, which means there is also a growing amount of people over the age of sixty-five who are likely to need proper care in the future. During your time on st. kitts are some neighborhoods that have more elderly individuals than other neighborhoods, this is nonetheless an overarching problem that may be affecting the whole United States. The 2010 census indicated that the over-65 human population in the United States was 40, 267, 984 (Census Brief, 2010). That was up from the 2000 census number of 34, 991, 753 (Census Quick, 2010). Not necessarily difficult to discover where the tendency is planning, and also not so difficult to imagine how that will impact the need for competent workers who can care for the aging population and its particular rapid expansion.


Intended for purposes of the paper, the city studied will probably be Okaloosa County, Florida, which usually comprises the Ft. Walton Beach region and outlying rural areas, as well as a few other small cities and urban centers. This is a community located on the Gulf Coast of Florida, about what is generally called the “Panhandle. ” It can be close to much larger metropolitan areas, but in and of on its own has limited medical services and other options for elderly people. The county is susceptible to some surging and hurricanes along their coastal place, but it also a best selling tourist vacation spot. Fishing is a frequent activity right now there, and is as well an industry by which some make their living. The aging population is growing swiftly in Okaloosa County and the Ft. Walton Beach place, because the living costs is inexpensive right now there compared to other cities in Florida – and heading off to Sarasota has generally been assumed to be anything to which a large number of aging people aspire. The majority of that is because of the warm local climate.

Demographic and Epidemiological Data

Okaloosa Region, Florida is in the Central Time Zone. It is about 140 a long way from Tallahassee, Florida and 242 miles from Atl, Georgia. As of 2010, the people of the county was one hundred and eighty, 822 (Okaloosa, 2012). The county is a bit richer than the Florida typical, with a per capita cash flow consistently previously mentioned $42, 1000 (Okaloosa, 2012). The per capita income for your Florida is less than $40, 000, and the per capita profits for the entire U. S. is significantly lower. Much more than 50% from the people in Okaloosa County are employed (Okaloosa, 2012). The unemployment rate is just somewhat over 8%, which is a lot better than the national average. This season, however , even more people shifted out of Okaloosa State than came into it. This may be signaling a shift in individuals wanting to transfer to chillier climates, areas with much less risk of an all natural disaster such as a hurricane, or areas where there is more and better access to health care and other features.

The cost of moving into Okaloosa State is just somewhat below the countrywide average, and there is access to a large number of services required for a reasonable quality of life. Because the armed service has this kind of a strong presence in Okaloosa County, there are many younger people there. The County caters to the army and to tourism because of the tax dollars that are brought in by simply both of individuals subsets from the population. Yet , that can push the elderly aside to some degree, rather than provide them with the actual need once moving to or surviving in the area. The outflow of men and women from Okaloosa County this year could be related to that issue, but you cannot find any data available to indicate if that is the case, or if the outflow was related to military restructuring or any other aspect over and above many people simply selecting that they wished to live in another type of county or a different section of the country. In spite of its imperfections, Okaloosa County has very much to offer.

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Okaloosa County is pretty varied in what it has to offer from your

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