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Cheating quotes dissertation


1 . “There is too much competition among students, leading to improved pressure to complete well. Cheating becomes a approach to get the border over the other students inside the class. In addition , the penalties for getting captured are mild. “

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2 . “Today there may be more pressure placed on pupils to do well. They are likely to receive great grades, perform a sport, and offer if they are to be looked at with a good university. With a B tainting your transcript, a school might not look at you.

three or more. “Students who usually defraud get drawn into assuming it is the simply way to get ahead in school: If the cheaters are doing better then they will be and not receiving caught, chances are they had better try it. “

four. “Schools will be drifting from emphasizing learning and are focusing the class instead. If the thirst pertaining to knowledge is definitely replenished inside the students brain, the desire intended for the level without the function will melt. Only then will cheating decline.


1 . Wenke is indicating that competition to get better degrees has increased, plus the only means for the students to stay in the competition is to cheat. In addition, she says that because of the competition the pressure increased which in turn causes the students pressure, which then promotes them towards cheating. The scholars have no fear of cheating since the penalties is not going to affect all of them or generally there grades in a major way.

2 . Wenke is trying showing us that now education relies around getting good levels and succeeding and not about getting a good education and learning. In addition, she is saying that colleges are looking for students with better grades and individuals with more extracurricular activities and with out A grades universities may not even take a look at your transcript.

3. Wenke is showing us that cheating is definitely the only method students can achieve success at school. Some students try their particular hardest to get the best grade they will achieve, but see that the cheaters that put in much less effort and get better grades. This makes even more students want to cheat because that way you could focus on other things and not only schoolwork. So Wenke is saying what is stopping the good learners from looking to cheat if the cheaters happen to be prospering when they are not really.

4. Wenke is demonstrating the fact that cheating is only going to decline in the event knowledge is known as a greater top quality for students rather than getting a better grade. In the event that all the pupils want just knowledge and the grades usually do not affect their particular education then there will certainly not be all the cheating as there is now. And so the end of cheating will simply occur if students care more regarding knowledge instead of grades.


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