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Cafe evaluation azteca essay

One of my favorite eating places to eat at is Azteca it’s a family operated restaurant by 4 bothers. Azteca is a well know genuine Mexican restaurant in Wa State that offers a variety of real Mexican food. Azteca can be far in price, informal dining for any occasion, and it focuses primarily on Mexican foodstuff. The experience for Azteca is very welcoming for any ages, the meals is delightful and assistance is excellent. A check out a month ago still shows to me that Azteca is as good as expectations of its buyers.

Azteca can be served within a family style atmosphere; this allows you to wear casual attire to feel relaxed as if you were at home.

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Only problem with this it does receive loud at times and can seem a bit overwhelming but will give you that feeling like you aren’t at a family reunion. Your surroundings are very well decorative with ancient Azteca artifacts each and every table with history and testimonies of the Azteca culture exhibited on the walls.

Each chair and table is usually hand crafted with Azteca emblems. One of the first things you notice when ever pulling up to the restaurant is how well maintained the outside landscaping is usually gives you that feel that most likely in South america on vacation.

I found this restaurant overall perfectly maintained outdoors and inside. Azteca features a wide selection of traditional Mexican food. Fare is notated in each menu together with a specifically designed menu for children named “Little Amigo. You can start away with a great appetizer although no need to because your server will begin you off with free of charge homemade poker chips and jugo. Azteca is usually known for their specialties drinks can’t forget the mojito or perla. While you delight in your home made chips and salsa you will have few minutes to look over your menu.

The menu contains a wide range of Philippine salads, party foods, soups, burritos, enchiladas, fajitas, combination meals, and refreshments. The meal I usually often order can be combinations dish that contains all my Mexican favorites so I obtain a little preference of Mexico. Finally the service catches your attention. As soon as you walk in the front door your greeted with, “Hola and everyone should be open to Azteca. You’re taken up your table and storage space will start away with your beverage order. The servers are incredibly knowledgeable inside the menu, incredibly polite and patient.

The foodstuff arrives punctually, as you take in your meal the machine will come over two or three times to evaluate to on you and make sure your glass is often full. When dining at Azteca you will notice the support is fantastic and the storage space is very attentive and will be caring for as if you had been family. You can expect to enjoy just about every experience?nternet site have in Azteca and may continue to be a customer for years to come. Azteca is a restaurant that makes the very best out of every check out. During my encounter I enjoyed the relatives type ambiance, taste of homemade genuine Mexican meals, and friendly service.


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