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Botanical beverage coming from ixora coccinea linn

The concept of employing fresh consumable flowers in cooking can be not fresh. Today, a large number of restaurants work with different bouquets in their elements for an exotic preference and for a little elegance. A few flowers are used for deserts; distinct flowers happen to be mixed collectively in making green salads. But who could have suspected that with the use of creativity, their sweet drink can be made into a delicious thirst quencher.

Ixora Coccinea Linn, commonly known as santan, is very popular through the early days, in which the children love sipping it is nectar.

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The researchers were reminded with this activity if they saw a tv set commercial exhibiting that the licor was being sipped by the adult and the child trying the same. It provided the experts an idea of using santan flowers for making a juice that would be healthier, nutritious and delicious that can be an alternative preference quenchers intended for carbonated drinks or softdrinks found damaging to our body. In studies produced, it was found out that too much intake of soda pop drinks might cause diabetes, obesity and cuboid loss.

Assertion of the Issue The analysts sought to resolve the following inquiries: a. Can easily Santan plants be used since an ingredient in making a stimulating beverage while finding out in case it is safe to drink? b. Do the extraction methods affect the color, taste and nutritional structure of the Ixora Coccinea Linn beverage? c. Are their tastes suitable? d. Happen to be their flavor comparable recover commercial refreshments in the market today?

Significance in the Study With this study, the experts can find out that Ixora Coccinea Linn (Santan) plants are not only utilized for decoration and displays, tend to be also accustomed to create a scrumptious food and drink. A large number of thirst quenchers that are available in the market today, just like carbonated drinks, may damage our body. So the researchers managed to get possible for one to try something totally new that can out your desire, satisfy the taste buds that may be sure to be the foremost tasting and healthy. The city will have a discovery from the beautiful taste of santan flowers and gain more knowledge and creativity in its uses and the actual can make out of it. Filipinos may have a new and refreshingly healthy and balanced juice made of santan bouquets which are sure to attract people. We all will have an original and delightful tasting beverage which can be appreciated by family member.

Scope and Limitation in the Study The group attempted to come up with data that could help them figure even more about the size of the santan juice for about a month. Each member of the group received the information they needed from the web.

The group used many orange santan flowers. These kinds of flowers were boiled and used the juice because the product. The group would not spend much since the components they need are located in the encircling and in their residences. The santan juice as a merchandise would have not really been completed without the equipment and tactics involved. The tools used in diverse techniques linked to making the santan drink were saucepan, strainer, flavorings (calamansi extract and sugar) and water. The techniques that were applied were washing, heating, and extracting actions.

In conducting this research, the experts had a hard time in performing the trials due to time constraints. Also, there was shortage of santan plants. The blossoms are too small , that is why the researchers need to have as many flowers as they can, since they need to do several ways of extracting the juice.


Collection and Preparation of Materials Ixora Coccinea Linn flowers (santan) were collected from the nearby residences. The petals were washed thoroughly and dried up. Three mugs of unadulterated water was heated in a saucepan. When the water started to boil, the dried plants of santan was added, and boiled for ten minutes in low temperature. Soon after, they allowed the petals to steep for another 10 minutes. The mixture was poured from the pan to a pitcher by using a strainer to be able to separate the flower crud from the get. Afterwards, the extract was tasted and was when compared with a commercial juice drink.

After that, the experts stirred in a teaspoonful of sugar and a tsp of calamansi juice in a glass of santan get. Finally, the researchers added ice and then let the mixture chill completely. They again in comparison the taste from the prepared santan beverage by a from the commercial perspective produced drink. The methods that the researches applied are found in www.congocookbook.com. including www.yummly.com/recipe/Hibiscus-Tea. The researchers repeated the procedure employing fresh santan petals. That they compared the juices which were made and recorded their particular observations. In addition they requested other people outside all their group to share with the difference between the two refreshments and assess it to commercially developed juices.


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