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Big Five Personality Theory Essay

Mindset refers to research of human being mind and behavior. The key aim of psychology is to gain an complex understanding of all and for what reason individuals respond the way they do and what are the causes of their behavior. The supreme aim should be to understand a guy in order to advantage society at large. There are many ideas that talk about and try to explore different aspects of human behavior.

The big five personality theory has been innovative and is the most accepted model in the scientific community. It consists of five attributes Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Emotional balance, and openness and can be kept in mind by acronym Water. One of the best ways to access a trait is usually to directly inquire a person about the trait ( self record ) then get an observer to verify the attribute ( viewer report ). Me and my husband won me about various traits as in depth above independently. We won the answers, the scores and details of each trait are as below: Anju Priyadarshini

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