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Two Factors Theory Essay

The organization in question has become completely assessed based upon Herzberg’s motivational theory the results were astounding.

According to Herzberg’s theory much of the discontentment in the environment can be eliminated with frequent care and maintenance. The company policies and methods are poor; therefore , employees do not feel the practices integrated communicate the company’s eyesight and targets in a sound manner. The quality of supervision is low, as each of our leadership personnel has not been totally trained to support the company eye-sight. Because of poor oversight and poor company coverage, employees think they are unable to develop a doing work relationship with the direct superiors. Keeping the previously mentioned in mind and also the physical environment, working circumstances can be improved so that employees feel they may be working in a supportive and safe environment.

Salaries are low, when compared to our competition and need to be increased to be able to obtain top quality employees. The result of situations described previously mentioned, it is extremely hard for employees to develop relationships using their peers. In order to properly function as a company we should satisfy the employees’ requires by not merely improving situations listed above, although also employing several motivators.

Personnel must think a sense of achievements daily, along with receive reputation for their work. Employing something because an employee with the month program and having some type of goal setting tools for functionality will give employees a way to measure their output and truly feel recognized because of their efforts. Workers must also appreciate their job and many are not able to do so because of lack of schooling and poor supervision. The employees as well feel that there is not any room to advance and personal progress within the organization. Implementing a training program for new employees along with our long-term employees will be better morale.

The new staff training program will make sure that personnel is given the right tools to perform their obligations and the right training to perform them successfully. Training applications for the long-term personnel will open the doors to advance. Through effective employee training applications we will be able to accurately measure performance, improve morale inside the teams, develop positive functioning relationships between team members and offer various in order to our personnel. References Stroh, Linda K. (2002). Organizational Behavior: A Management Obstacle.

Mahwah, NJ, USA: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Included.

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