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Bassant festival essay


Basant is a big festival of Pakistan additionally it is known as a Jashn-e- Baharan. It truly is celebrated in February of every year. The kite lover’s like to travel kites night and day. Parties are made to celebrate this. People prepared different type of the get together to satisfy each other. Skies is full with colorful prêt-à-monter of different shapes and forms day and night. Various people prepared the different competition in metropolis especially Androon Lahore. These competitions are incredibly serious plus the victories depend on the quality of “Dorr (special thread use to soar the kites).

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This kind of festival obtained the attention increasingly more over the years from all over the world. Much traffic come to Lahore to go to this festival. Its increase the Pakistani travel and leisure many outsiders come to Lahore specifically to see this event. Women also participate in this they wear yellow and green dresses to make this kind of festival more colorful. This beautiful festival is definitely banned coming from 2007 due to some unethical people who applied the hazardous chemical in Dorr that was harmful intended for human beings.

Annually the arrival of early spring brings with it the much-awaited celebration of the year, the Basant. Also known as Jashn-i-Baharan, people participate in kite traveling by air matches to herald the approaching of planting season. This event is at the peak in Lahore. Basant is not only a kite traveling event, but also a social festival of traditional meals, dresses, dances and music.

Every year, visitors from across the world gather in Lahore to witness one of the most colourful and entertaining event of the 12 months. Not only in Lahore, Basant can be celebrated with much fervour and passion in other cities of Pakistan too. People alike consider great satisfaction in remembering Basant. Even though the kids and men are busy in kite traveling, the women are busy to make delicious food. Everyone gathers on the roof surfaces to watch and participate since the springtime winds mix the remarkably coloured diamond-shaped paper kites into the air flow in such large quantities which the sky can hardly be observed.

The heavens is covered with hundreds of beautiful kites of all sizes and types and this look indeed will probably be worth seeing. Several clubs plan carnivals in which a number of stores are create, which offer a number of waresincluding bracelets, flowers and handicrafts. Kite flying contests are also held. Thus everybody indulges in the Basant fever with eager participation to make it a memorable event of their lives.

History of Basant

Basant, the festival of kites, is said to have descends from India. The Hindus believe when the fields are mustard yellow, it is the time for the spring celebration Basant Panchami in view to Goddess Saraswati. Saraswati is the empress of intelligence, wisdom and knowledge of every arts, science, music and dancing. Basant season is a king of all seasons because it is free from the intense heat in the summer, through the shivering the common cold of the winter months and through the havoc of rain. Having its roots in India, Basant festival steadily spread to our country and is now regarded one of the biggest festivals of the season.

Colours of Basant

Yellow may be the predominant color of Basant. Yellow depicts the blossoming spring bouquets in the areas of Punjab. Girls wear yellow clothes, meanwhile the boys adorn themselves with yellow dupattas. The ladies use attractively embellished gajras created from marigold. Typically yellow prêt-à-monter are desired over additional coloured kites. Red and orange are the other colors that represent Basant.

Kite flying

Kite soaring is the most important element of the Basant festival. Kite flying typically takes place on roofing tops. Boys of all ages plan for the event by buying and making kites of tissue and sticks, and by craftily applying bits of ground a glass to their individual kite strings in order to slice the adversary’s string. The kites during Basant behave like warriors who have battle pertaining to control throughout the day. Their goal is to minimize the thread of the opposing kite and secure a very high place in the sky.

The kite’s tool is the maanjha ” the fatal string, that this kite flyers spend many days to prepare. The string is usually coated in a mixture of grain paste and ground cup to strengthen that. Every time the maanhja cuts the chain of the competitor kite, a cheerful cry of Bo-Kata soars surrounding this time. Night time kite flying is yet another

impressive sight to witness. The complete sky is definitely lit with heavy lights and in this eliminated atmosphere, one can see hundreds of fabulous coloured prêt-à-monter dancing and competing for supremacy within the other. This atmosphere can be further enlightened with barbecues and deafening music of all corners of the city.

Benefits and drawbacks

Basant is not just regarding flying prêt-à-monter. It is also a time to celebration and to spend time with family and friends. Basant plants the roots of brotherhood and folks of all classes whether poor or wealthy come close to each other. Not only does the Basant festival present entertainment, it also gives us the chance to get close to each of our loved ones. Another advantage of the Basant festival is the fact it boosts up the economy since tourists coming from abroad build in Lahore to see Basant celebrations. The Kite industry, despite the fact that small however rapidly growing has brought anatomist developments through this art. Apart from this, the thread, or the maanjha, is released to India which is beneficial for our trading industry.

Regardless of the happiness and fun that Basant brings us, there are some unfavourable aspects to it too. Tragic accidents take place every year. People receive so absorbed in kite flying that they often fall season from the roofs and as a result receive injured or at times possibly lose their particular life. In that case there are individuals who die via electrocution when their kites get twisted in the wiring of the electricity poles plus they try their best to cost-free their prêt-à-monter.

Not only happen to be innocent lives lost but some people feel that a lot of money and time is lost during the Basant season. Instead of spending 1000s of rupees in lavish foods and huge level parties, the same money may be used to help the needy and poor people from the country.


Today, Basant is known as a traditional and cultural function. This year Basant was commemorated all over the country in February 12-15. Those of you who also went to Lahore to celebrate the event I’m sure a new blast! Well some enjoyed themselves at the various situations that happened in Karachi as well, as all you need can be described as roof leading, few kites, music and delicious meals to celebrate Basant.

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