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Barangay profiling system essay

1 . 1 Introduction

The studies of the examine will lead to our comprehension of urbanization, regional governance and the consequences of migration in the macro level in Barangay Upper Calarian. It will help plan makers (local government units) identify areas where urbanization device can bring about positively for the development of the said barangay. Moreover, system implementers and service providers will also learn from the teachings gathered upon urbanization and native governance. With the local level, existing programs can further more be better.

One of the exciting ways in which the computer service with the field info retrieval and operations ” the search for facts which, together with the functions done on it, are kept in a central storage area.

Computer ” based information retrieval operates by making use of software that may offer data services for an institution. An information assistance provides a method to digitally access, retrieve, and transfer the needed information.

Statement of the Difficulty

The neighborhood Government Models of Zamboanga have long been with computers being used in procedures such as transactions, records and other businesses.

That is, through computer technology. Nevertheless up to now, all those computers had not been used to all their fullest functions. Barangay offices still depend on manual labor not on the devices as their frontline of support and functions. Some things happen to be neglected.

One, Standard Functioning Procedures are certainly not followed. Any individual can include his clearance signed or business enable released even if the authorized person to approve it, as an example the Barangay Chief, is not really present. Work has in least fixed blank clearances and/ or perhaps permits in this instance. Thus, the reliability of such could be questioned. Two, it’s because each of the facts and information on the barangay can be kept on paperwork, the ought to ” always be manifestation of the maximized usage of computer can be not gained and therefore causes the slower retrieval of information and transactions. And lastly, hard copies of the files, orders held and other matters require a large file cabinet to keep them which in many circumstance, is a case of an unorganized file management system.

Significance from the Study

A Computer Info Service presents a giant jump in computerized system of barangay transactions and records managing. They can give up-to-the info with relatively little work on the part of the person and put a lot of information within easy, convenient and comfortable reach. Not talking about the security and integrity with the transactions associated with the papers it also provides.

This examine aims to present possible strategy to the problems explained and to boost the quality of service a barangay workplace offers to its customers. Furthermore, this serves as an awakening factor for all government offices, from highest to lowest levels, to be based on the government’s view of globalization and competitiveness in today’s Information Age group.


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