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Apple Price Cut Essay

To what magnitude the iPhone pricing strategy is similar to the iPod prices strategy?

How would you explain which the iPod price cut did not lead to such a level of customers’ protest? Response: Both i phone and ipod touch have experienced a great deal of price cut in their product lifecycle. In this document, we can realize that iPod was launched in Oct 2001. Difficult relatively costly for an MP3 player, it absolutely was hugely demanded and remains popular until date though there was a cost slash in 2005.

Similar to the price cut of the iPod, two months after the start of the iPhone, Apple decreased the price by simply 200 UNITED STATES DOLLAR. However , about the price strategy, a big difference among two items is the time of price cut. iPod modified its price after suffering from a 4 year success from the launch in 2001, while iPhone drop in price in only 2 month, which is the key explanation of why the iPod discounted did not lead to such an important level of customers’ protest. Even though both price adjustments were designed for the goal to further broaden in the mass market and improve the product sales, we can realize that the main reason intended for price cut of iPod is to sell more items in its suffering period of merchandise lifecycle.

By contrast, the objective of lessen price of i phone is to speedily monopoly the smart phone market in its developing period of product lifecycle, which resulted a part of Apple fans’ profits since they bought the item in a high price. 2 . “Market analysts remarked that Apple had created a strong brand and customer commitment which this capitalized about by using a skimming strategy in pricing. Additionally, they felt that customers agree to its highly priced products with equanimity.

To look a step further, they knowingly expect it to always be so. What does this inform you of the value of i phone own-price elasticity, cross-price suppleness and income elasticity? Response: The practice of ‘price skimming’ requires charging a comparatively high price for the short time in which a new, impressive, or much-improved product is released onto an industry.

Obviously, because of the reason that Apple had created a solid brand photo by their innovation of technology and creativity of design, and loyalty of shoppers, particularly these Apple crazy fans, the retail price skimming strategy was able to operate extremely well the moment iPhone was launched onto the marketplace. Meanwhile, Apple’s iPhone entered the extremely volatile cell phone market incorporating telephony, AUDIO, Web surfing and video watching, which completely revolutionized the tech-savvy market and was the majority of awaited by simply both the technology enthusiasts and mainstream mass media. Therefore , the success of this strategy was largely influenced by those initial adopters’ inelasticity of demand for the product possibly by the industry as a whole.

Yet , in the cell phone industry, in which the product lifecycle is relatively brief and the market is highly competitive. Before various other competing items or alternatives emerging on the market, iPhone could enjoy it is high price and benefit from its “monopoly profits” in a short-term where require is relatively inelastic. Whereas in the cell phone sector, the demand from mass marketplace is price flexible, which is the reason that Apple needs to drop its value to increase their sales relating to their mass-market approach. In terms of cross-price elasticity, we can think about this problem from two aspects: complements and substitutes.

Firstly, thanks the reason that the demand of iPhone is definitely price flexible in mass market, price of iPhone decrease, variety demanded of components boosts, which leads Apple to get a cheap of elements from its supplier and further guarantee its major margin of iPhone. Additionally , the increase of sales does mean the increase range of customer shopping for and renting apps coming from Apple’s online shop. Secondly, considering substitutes, selling price of iPhone decrease, and quantity of competing products demanded decrease.

Because the demand can be price flexible, the lower creation cost and increase income from Apple softer ware are able to heal the loss coming from cost lower. We can associated with conclusion that regarding towards the income firmness, a loss of price of iPhone includes a positive impact upon its total revenue. 3. Based on the information provided in the case would you declare the market to get smartphone is definitely closer to monopoly or to monopolistic competition?

Warrant. Answer: Certainly, base for the information offered in the case, We regard the smartphone sector as a monopolistic competition. Monopolistic competition is a form of imperfect competition where many rivalling producers sell products that are differentiated from the other person. Smartphone market has following characteristics: * There are several makers like Apple, Blackberry, Nokia, Motorola and so forth, and many buyers in the market, although no company can easily total control of the market price. * Customers perceive that we now have non-price dissimilarities among the competitors’ products. 5. There are handful of barriers to entry and exit.

Manufacturers have a qualification of control of price. four. Is the price cut decided by simply Apple two months after i phone initial launch consistent with the smartphone market framework described previously mentioned? Answer: Certainly, the efficiency of iPhone is consistent with the smartphone marketplace structure.

Firstly, the MC firms sell products which may have real or perhaps perceived non-price differences. Nevertheless , the differences are certainly not so great about eliminate different goods since substitutes. Technically, the cross price flexibility of require between products in such a market is positive. In this case, iPhone execute the same fundamental functions but they have differences in characteristics such as style, style, standing and appearance. Secondly, independent decision-making is another characteristic of monopolistic competition.

The firm gives no concern to what impact its decision may possess on competition. In other words every firm seems free to set prices as if it were a monopoly. Lastly, Apple has some level of market electrical power. Market electricity means that the firm features control over the terms and conditions of exchange.

An MC company can raise it rates without losing every its consumers. The firm can also affordable prices without activating a potentially ruinous cost war with competitors, which is the reason why i phone was able to typically cut the price in two months. your five. Knowing the price cut affected in a negative way Apple popularity, do you believe that Apple used an opportunistic pricing technique initially offering the i phone at a high price to take advantage of holiday season high spending habits after which dropping the retail price to induce market growth?

Is this consistent with Apple charges strategy in the other catalog like personal computers and iPod? Answer: We don’t completely believe that iPhone lunched at a high price was due to that attempted to take the advantage of “holiday season excessive spending habits”. From my personal point of view, there are two main reasons why i phone priced substantial at the beginning: Firstly, the key consumer sets of iPhone are enthusiastic followers of high end gadgets; and a few of them are dedication customers of Apple. These types of parts of individuals are not sensitive for iPhone’s price. What attract options its top quality, design and innovation.

The first adopters’ inelasticity of demand is a great opportunity for using the price skimming strategy. Second of all, high price approach is an effective method to build a expensive brand graphic. It’s much simpler that a excessive brand graphic product slashes its selling price for promo than a low brand graphic one increases it. For the tech-savvy market, the item lifecycle is definitely short.

We are able to often find on the market a product of Apple or perhaps other brands reduces its price when it has become launched for the period of time. But iPhone dropped its cost only 2 months after it had been launched onto the market. This strategy is fairly different from various other products of Apple.

For instance, iPod declined 2 years after it came into the market. Seeing the price of iPhone must be in line with iPod Touch, this tactic is “special” for Apple, comparing with other products. six. “According to Apple executives the approach had been organized long ago and felt which the pricing approach was conceptualized in part to keep the iPhone’s pricing in accordance with its fresh iPod touch. ” Explain to what extent a high-priced iPhone could be an barrier to the achievement of the new iPod Touch. Based upon what you find out about Apple past due development do you find that description convincing? Answer: In terms of the features of these two types of products, ipod itouch is like a simplified type of i phone, without the function of a “phone”.

This determines that the rates of these two types of products should be “in a line”, this means, for a fair consideration, the price tag on iPod Touch should be lower than iPhone but not too much away. If iPhone hadn’t cut their price, ipod itouch must have had been priced at penetration of00 than the realistic one. We assume that, in the event that iPhone 4 GIGABYTE continued offered at 499USD, iPod Touch might be sold at four hundred or 450USD. As an mp3 player, it could be much more high-priced than its competing brands.

On the contrary, in the event that iPhone acquired kept a high price level but iPod Touch was set for a low one particular, the customers would have had been puzzled for “why a simple version of iPhone is indeed much ‘cheaper’ than i phone? ” That will have had a poor impacts within the sales of both iPhone and i-pod touch, even may have had reduced Apple’s brand image. Combining with what I know about the late development of these two types of products, I found although the cost cutting had a temporary damage on customer’s trust, iPhone and ipod itouch both performed well on the market. It proven the importance to help keep the price of iPhone and iPod Touch in a series.

7. “But the sharp price cut recommended that also Apple, containing long occupied a pricing bubble insulated from other laptop or computer makers, is not defense from the brutal pressures with the cellular phone business. ” Does this statement signify the personal pcs market is totally different from the cellphone business in other words, the mobile phone market is even more competitive compared to the personal computer marketplace? Why? Do you share this kind of view? Rationalize. Answer: Using this statement, My spouse and i can’t make the conclusion the cell phone companies are more competitive than the laptop or computer market.

Apple is one of the first personal computer manufacturers in the world. Their personal computer items are part of the most advanced PC technology of the world. Specifically its images processing technology and operating-system have substantial reputation. As a result, Apple’s COMPUTER products extended lived in a pricing bubble insulated from other personal computer creators.

That means Apple has certainly strong marketplace power on PC industry. Its higher price doesn’t suggest there is much less competition. Furthermore, the technical innovation, appearance design, and performance combination of cellular phone products will be updating so fast. Hence the lifecycle of a handset system is shorter compared to a computer.

The price cutting typically occurs if a mobile phone has come onto industry for a time frame. The objective usually is for making price room for a new generation of product, which usually isn’t caused by competing activities. In conclusion, I don’t reveal this look at. 8. “Keeping in mind Apple’s range of high priced products which provides it an “aura” of exclusivity, was Jobs decision to reduce the cost a right one? … With a 50% low margin, Apple is placing itself on with aggressive cost declines going forward”.

Will you believe that Apple move is actually a sign that it must be ready to enter a price warfare? Would this kind of mean that Apple is departing the niche area position that held for many years to go following mass marketplace? What is the pros and cons of these strategy? Do you really believe it? Answer: The characteristics of Apple’s products will be novel design and style, fashionable physical appearance and the combination of music, game, music, world wide web surfing and other functions.

This determines the positioning of iPhone has to be high, as well as the main goal consumer group is large income, music; digital hobbyists. This segment of consumer has low sensitive to get price. Real price conflict will not deliver more marketplace shares to get iPhone.

So , the price trimming strategy doesn’t mean Apple is looking forward to the price warfare. The product’s features decide Apple’s niche market strategy. Although a mobile phone product innovates relatively more quickly than other banal. When a product successfully captivated some initially adopters, how you can sell these to more enthusiasts should be the core problem.

Slicing the price and going in towards the mass market is a universal method. Apple also adopted this strategy about iPhone. Advantages of likely to mass industry: * iPhone can attract more fans. Some of them will be sensitive towards the price, their particular demands will be elastic.

Prior to the price trimming and access of the mass market, some of the nonowners didn’t buy it just because of the high price. * i phone can broaden its business quicker, and establish the competitive limitations. Its industry power will be stronger. 2. The widened customers might have had bought more on the web products, which in turn would have a new big growth of income.

At this time strategy, i phone can merge their plans brand photo, and boost the loyalty from the customers. 2. The cooperation with AT; T could possibly get a synergy between those two brands, and will receive a amount of added bonus revenue in the carrier. Negatives of gonna mass market: * This made the rand name image be lower than just before. * Decreased the low margin of iPhone. * Hurt a lot of die-hards’ devotion. * Increased the degree of monopoly, made your competition imperfect, and harmed the balance of the not cancerous competition using its rivals.

Nevertheless a cellular phone product such as iPhone goes into the mass market is generally a temporary technique when the product comes into the mature or declining period in its lifecycle, or when the company desires to make some price space for a new product. Apple minimize iPhone’s value was exclusively for keeping the iPhone’s price becoming in a series with ipod touch Touch’s. That didn’t indicate Apple changed its key branding strategy to go into the mass market.

For the time, I suppose that it was a fair strategy for Apple to cut iPhone’s price.

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