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Analyzing walter dean myers s picture with the


Respond to “Monkey Man” “Angela’s Eyes”

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From equally “Monkey Man” and “Angela’s Eyes”, Walt Dean Myers portrays the 145th Road neighborhood being a character, with strengths, weak points, and ideals. By informing these stories about 145th Street by itself, he deals with to describe the neighborhood with humanlike values and characteristics throughout 145th Avenue. In the stories, the events that occur offer an overall feeling of the beliefs that dominate generally in the neighborhood. Therefore, “Monkey Man” gives a general positive example of the neighborhood’s values, although “Angela’s Eyes” gives a even more negative interpretation. In “Monkey Man”, the main character, Monkey Man, can be wanted by local company for interfering in a member’s cutting of the innocent person. That person, Peaches, rallies the neighborhood to try and discover a way to save Monkey Man. Nevertheless she does not seem to succeed, he confronts a plan by himself, ultimately depending upon the ethical values with the neighborhood to outweigh the bad intentions from the gang. He gives the thinking “I simply thought that many people were going to show wrong, and some others were going to show correct. No matter what occurred to me, everyone was going to know the difference” (Myers 85). Throughout the events with this short account, we are seen the family bond of 145th Streets, the care they have for just one another, and the courage to do what is proper when it is important to do so. “Angela’s Eyes” on the other hand, depicts a kid named Angela who lives with her mother, and whos father recently perished in a job related crash. Angela starts to have dreams, the initially which your woman sees her father and Poli. Angela divulges the main points of her dream, and Poli dead soon after. This worries the area enough itself, but Angela then has another dream in which the girl sees Eddie Robinson, who also passes away soon after. As a result, the neighborhood is usually terrified of Angela and her noticeable ability to see future deaths. Angela is definitely treated terribly and your woman does not love to go out in public anymore. Mr. Rodriguez says about the area, “Today that they talk about Angela and down the road they’ll be discussing me, hflf the people in this neighborhood have no jobs, most they have intended for entertainment is exactly what they can make up” (Myers 47). This kind of depicts the area as shallow and unaware, believing everything they listen to and speeding up the distributed of rumors that set people straight down. Through the actions of the community, and the events of “Angela’s Eyes”, we see the mob mentality that led to poor people treatment of a new girl for nothing that your woman could have damaged. From “Monkey Man” and “Angela’s Eyes” by Walter Dean Myers, I discovered how to display and describe a location such as a character. By simply telling these kinds of various tales about the neighborhood, we learn what the ideals or morals of the neighborhood are like. It is almost as though the publication 145th Streets itself is a biography of your character, that character being 145th Road. The reports of situations on the street are just like events of your person’s your life, shaping the depiction with the character, 145th Street. Walter Dean Myers manages to do this in equally “Monkey Man” and “Angela’s Eyes”.

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