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Auditory hallucinations and treatment methods

Genogram, Underage Drinking, Beating Obstacles, Associated with Divorce

Excerpt from Dissertation:

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Instant family of Eliza consists of her two middle-aged unwed siblings, Betty and Clara, and her relative, Marie, the sole surviving offspring of her deceased sister and brother-in-law. Eliza’s mother and father are both lifeless. Eliza can be 45 and Marie is definitely 15 and so they live collectively in Eliza’s home. Eliza assumed care of Marie following Marie’s parents died in a car crash couple of years ago. The relationship started out satisfactorily but offers gradually damaged over time. Marie is being impulsive and reckless, skipping university and drinking alcohol with boys and also smoking marijuana. Eliza is depressive and manic and weird and reveals signs of oral hallucinations. Her sisters will be fighting with her more than how to take care of Marie and have recently used Marie away of Eliza’s home.

Eliza’s husband is definitely dead. That they separated five years ahead of he passed away of dependency on alcohol. Eliza acquired five miscarriages with her husband. Once her hubby left her and became sick and tired, she continuing to take care of him in his 1 bedroom house where he existed until he died. She actually is a deeply devout nondenominational Christian, who have attends house of worship services about Sundays. She has two friends with who she functions at a school cafeteria, who also are closer to her than her personal sisters. Her main friend, Sara, is the one who provided Eliza to the clinic after Eliza a new nervous breakdown at work.

Delivering Problem of IP

The reason for Eliza’s display is that this lady has been ability to hear voices in her brain. They are muffled and do not appear to be saying anything but only appear to be indicating a lot of feeling to her. One voice is nice and nice but another voice is usually dark and menacing. These kinds of auditory hallucinations have obtained worse seeing that Eliza continues to be fighting with her siblings over the right way to control Marie, who is being more edgy lately, sneaking out of the house and skipping institution and engaging in underage consuming with kids. Eliza’s sisters think she actually is unable to take proper care of Marie.

Eliza wants to care for Marie although she feels that Marie is usually not being receptive. Eliza is likewise suffering from depressive disorder and have been prescribed medication simply by her doctor but stopped taking that after a couple of days because your woman did not just like the way this made her feel. That was six months ago.

Her problems in works stem from her disapproval in the way in which managing of the cafe has lower the budget for cooked meals, which Eliza complained was the only meal some of the youngsters would get due to their home life scenarios. She seen this decrease as rudeness to the children.

Her family members medical history includes a father who was an alcoholic and an ex-husband who also died of alcoholism. She has received medication for hypertonie in the past although did not take it. Your woman had five miscarriages with her husband and never transported a child to full term. She has a strong maternal intuition and wish to care for persons, which is why this wounderful woman has been especially hurt by her brothers and sisters, who have considered Marie away of her care.

Her relationship with Marie is additionally a concern while she loves her greatly and has long been close with her, yet she admits to not understanding how to interact with Marie’s rebelliousness. She is frightened Marie may get into more serious trouble with her dangerous behavior and she is very anxious relating to this, but she’s afraid approach Marie regarding it because the lady does not desire to drive her away. Instead she creates rules and locks the doors at night thinking that will do the secret to success, but Jessica apparently was sneaking away, which is what Eliza’s sisters found out once Marie was picked up intended for drinking in a party by police and she offered her different aunts as contacts instead of Eliza, which in turn also harm Eliza. Afterwards discussion with Marie in family therapy revealed that Marie was scared of hurting Eliza and would not want her to know, but it really came out in the open when her other aunts overreacted and took Marie away from Eliza.

Her family members consists of two parents who have are deceased, a sis and brother-in-law who happen to be dead and a niece who right up until a few days ago resided with her and trusted her to get care. Right now the relative is sticking with Eliza’s different two sistsers, with whom she is fighting. Before the battle, everyone acquired along very well and even lovingly but as Marie have been acting rebelliously, tension offers arisen inside the homes.

Her personal record is that she gets always worked well hard as a young woman, overcoming hurdles so as to generate a degree at college and get a management position within a factory – although she gave this kind of up after having a while to tend to her ex-husband who was ill. The lady took another job down the line, which your woman currently keeps and she has been acknowledged for her exceptional work in earlier times.

Her latest nervous break down came days after her sisters taken out Marie from her residence and she gets been unable to rest or whatever it takes without a a sense of intense anxiety.

Family strong points and resources: Eliza’s romance with her church and her close friends.


The genogram describes Eliza’s relationship with her family. She is divorced coming from her spouse, who is dearly departed. She himself suffers from despression symptoms. Her parents are both departed and they were divorced too, so separating anxiety may well play a role in Eliza’s state. She is as well surrounded by death and damage, with five miscarriages and the loss of her sister and brother-in-law. Today she cares about Marie, that is 15, although her various other two siblings disapprove of the way in which she is raising Marie, so they want to intervene, but their methods will be questionable. This kind of suggests that Relatives Systems Remedy intervention would be beneficial (McGoldrick, Gerson, Petry, 2008).

Number 1 . Genogram

Clinical Hypothesis: Four Relevant Concepts

Eliza’s spirituality is very important to her and this could be within her treatment as the girl with a regular cathedral goer.

Her grief and experience of damage is due to five miscarriages, that have given a sensation of lost prospect and your woman now would like desperately to care for Jessica in the same manner that she cared for her ex-husband even following he remaining her.

Her friends are very supportive of her and see the great and good things that Eliza does individuals and how self-sacrificing she could be, but there is the signal that Eliza nurtures a few grudges and does not easily let go when somebody has hurt her, because she expressed some indignant frustration in her sisters during remedy.

Her faith based background and culture is common of nondenominational Christian traditions and her prayer life is very important to her and she says that the girl likes to hope a rosary even though the girl with not Catholic. She has a strong devotion to Mary, the mother of Jesus and prays and talks to her throughout the day, she says. The voices that she gets been experiencing, she says, are not the voices of Martha or of God tend to be of some strange beginning that the girl does not figure out.

The scientific hypothesis is the fact Eliza suffers from depression and hypertension which her oral hallucinations would be the result of this kind of tension. Corstens et ‘s. (2012) make clear that by talking to the noises one may participate the factors of display more fully.


Eco Map

Eliza___Her two friends via work

Eliza_ _ _ _ _ _ _Marie

Eliza-/-/-/-/-/-/-/Her a couple of Sisters

Physique 2 . Ecomap.

Therapeutic Approach

Family systems therapy will be an appropriate restorative model for this family, mainly because it could contain Eliza, Marie, and Eliza’s two siblings, all of which could gain from family therapy, as it is evident that each provides love pertaining to the different but that emotions and misunderstandings happen to be compounding a problem that is already risky because of Eliza’s depressive signs, hypertension, auditory hallucinations and recent nervous breakdown.

The hypothesis is the fact Eliza’s symptoms are both inner and impacted by her family, which is in turn impacting her work existence and increasing her panic.

Werner and Silbereisen (2003) locate the etiology of substance use/delinquency within the circumstance of as well as peer situations. Their quantitative Berlin analyze supports the theory that stable and “harmonious” family life is less likely to result in teenage delinquency than unstable relatives life (p. 471). Additionally they observe a great “indirect” correlation between friends and family structure and peer interactions, stating that more “open” and trusting people allow adolescents a greater level of “autonomy” to select peers. Esteem breeds esteem and the colleagues of the kids of these kinds of families may be of the same family composition and of prosocial tendencies. Of particular take note in this analyze is that girls that lacked “family cohesion” showed that they had been more likely to develop peer interactions of an égo?ste rather than prosocial nature (Werner, Silbereisen, the year 2003, p. 473).

The lack of a prosocial family members system

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