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Advantages and disadvantages of burger king essay

With this essay I will be discussing the pros and cons of fast foods. These day every body can recognize the golden rebattu of McDonalds, it is hard not to. McDonalds offers restaurants everywhere, beside key roads and almost every high street. Their advertisements are on television at least once a day. They became popular within a couple of years. Teenagers especially like B because of the slow paced life, cheap awards and the fact that all over the world you know what you are buying.

In restaurants I realize that the waiter there take a look at me and think that I would not be able to purchase the meal. With McDonalds I find that every person is usually welcome to come in and eat, whatever you look like or the amount of money you have. There is not a selected dress code that you have to grant to. Fast food is easy to enjoy food that requires no cutlery.

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The fast food industry is not only great. The foods have too much fat, salt and sugars. The foodstuff is not necessarily what is said to be and uses a lot of presentation.

Packaging that is thrown on a lawn, if the food is not really eaten within the restaurant. People usually avoid take the time to toss the packaging inside the dustbins. The high pavements usually have a complete carpet with litter of fast food eating places. I think the restaurants can’t be responsible for the litter nevertheless the restaurants can do every little thing to make all their packaging since environmental friendly. People that take in at Burger king do not usually realize so what happened to the cow before this turned into the hamburger.

Typically the animals are living in bad conditions. Chickens get born with ft . disorders. Although I guess which the animals the produce the meat pertaining to the top category restaurants undergo the same. The fast food industry advertises with the target of children. With there freebies and bright ads the receive children to create their father and mother take them to McDonalds. That they manipulate the easiest target. Children will grumble and whine until they go to B. If health food stores had the amount of money to advertise i quickly am sure that they too would be popular.

In the same way it is now health shops happen to be rather expensive and have a serious “hippy label. If the rates would go down and the public realized what was better for them, the popularity of the businesses would boost. I don’t understand who chooses what is popular or not. I think that people are just like blind dummies that just the actual majority, becoming different is not really accepted by society Following taking a study in the course it turned out that eleven people out of fifteen visited McDonalds in the last seven days at least one time.

I think the fact that reason that McDonalds is indeed popular is really because McDonalds can be an American lifestyle, and by eating it you are ordering into the American life style. America has usually dominated styles, not only in eating routine but as well in fashion and Americans mostly dominate the music charts. Individually I like ingesting at B, but it is not like I must eat right now there because my personal whole class eats presently there. I eat there while i am in a hurry or i am low in cash. I really do prefer the junk food restaurant “Shakies, which is a cafe that sells biological milkshakes and healthy and balanced sandwiched.

Such restaurants will be gaining popularity, especially with the whole foot and mouth area disease. B sales took place one fifth because of BSE and ft . and oral cavity disease. I think that people ought to make the switch to health foods permanently, not simply because a lot of disease that results the food. I think that later on people will realize what is better to them and McDonalds will gradually disappear from the high streets and will conclude closing down all of their restaurants. This wont be in the longer term but I do believe that’s wherever fast food is definitely heading.


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