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Written Assignment for Industrial Technology Essay

1 . The crafted assignment to get Industrial Technology has consistently posed an amount of problems for some college students and professors who have to contend with the CSEC functional areas. Because of this obstacle the following presentation has been created to give a better understanding of the process to follow. installment payments on your In order to efficiently complete created assignments individuals must firstly become aware of the needs of this component. It is very important that every candidate isn’t only provided with these kinds of requirements (which include background and mark scheme) but that teachers utilize a session or maybe more to explain carefully the steps being followed.

Courses presented to candidates includes the following: 1 ) Background to written assignment 2 . Tag scheme [Samples proven below] Impact of Technology about Society Prospects are to demonstrate their total understanding of the concepts in relation to these themes. They should make a report that uses word-processing technology. Prospects may also make use of other software programs (Spreadsheets or perhaps databases) to do any examination that may be important to enhance the display of the statement. The report should be a crucial analysis of the particular establishment, business or theme which includes relation or perhaps relevance for the Unit(s) or perhaps Subject(s) being studied. It is strongly recommended that one of two methods be used.

1 ) Industrial visits Preparation of your report over a visit to a market or professional site. The report should include drawings, photos, wherever these are generally relevant, in addition to the written materials. The report should talk about the areas listed below. The jobs or occupations involved in the particular institution or theme that relate to the Unit(s) or perhaps Subject(s) becoming studied.

The rules, regulations and codes which employees in these areas must be aware and to that they must conform, because of legal, financial, ideal or other considerations. The impact of technology on the careers recognized and the procedures involved as they relate to the Unit(s) or perhaps Subject(s) getting studied, for instance , employment versus unemployment, self-employment, security considerations, methods of control and environmental considerations. Ethical and moral concerns. A critical glance at the environmental problems, employment methods and basic safety, health and wellbeing issues as they are addressed. a few.

If the prospect is learning: (i) One particular Unit or Subject simply, the record should talk about the areas listed in point a couple of above that happen to be relevant to that Unit simply. (ii) Two or more Units or perhaps Subjects, the report will need to address the areas listed in level 2 above which are tightly related to ALL the Models being analyzed. INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY *Table setting out the breakdown of markings for students concluding one, several units/subject. Interpreting guides and mark scheme It is important to note that until the statement is ready according to the guides and draw scheme offered, students will see it difficult to attain points for this component.

Consequently strict faith to the instructions given through the documents above is critical to the successful completing this piece. INTRODUCTION IN THE WRITTEN JOB Based on the breakdown from the mark system the advantages asks for two specific pieces of information and values 2 marks, one for each. It is therefore unnecessary for candidates being lengthy through this section.

Example 1 . The manufacturing of ordinary Portland cement at Carib Concrete Jamaica Limited. (1 mark) 2 . The following approaches had been taken in gathering the data: CONTENT As outlined in the indicate scheme, individuals are required to identify the different careers at the market that they have stopped at. In the case of the theme strategy, candidates will identify individuals careers associated with that area of specialization as well including support staff that will aid in the successful running of such an business. All individuals are required to perform here is to list the careers. Seemingly only one indicate is allotted for this section.

Creative ways could also be used if so desired by candidates to provide this information. Elizabeth. g. Company charts. The norms, rules and codes to which staff must be aware and which they must adhere because of legal, financial, strategic or perhaps other consideration. Again this kind of other item values merely one mark for the mark structure, hence applicants are not anticipated to be long. A good approach to take here is to break down the heading to be able to sufficiently talk about each component.

Example: Best practice rules Norms talk to the customary operation with the plant and especially employees from your time of check in’ to the time of check out’. The operations below could be itemized with the of the time in which they are accomplished. E. g.: 9: 00 AM Restrictions Regulations speak to the group of rules that employees must adhere. These rules has to be linked to the daily operations carried out by employees. In presentation these regulations could possibly be tabulated with possible photos of indications mounted on the rose.

NOTE: There are points allocated separately intended for pictures, furniture and chart. Codes may be addressed at this time. These can become a systematic set of laws which in turn quite often control both tendencies and protection. Pictures of codes recognized on web page could also be used to enhance presentation.

Impact of Technology about Careers The effect of technology is essentially aiming to identify the negatives and positives with the use of the device on the herb (especially in the event that newly introduced) and the impact that these possess on the existing careers. However , candidates must speak specifically to the impact since it relates to the next areas: In the event that an actual head to of an professional plant was conducted then a information needed in this section could be accumulated with the aid of selection interviews, questionnaires or observation of operations. In the event the report was completed coming from a theme then simply candidates might naturally determine possible effects that could come up as a result of the introduction of new technology.

Since it relates to career vs . lack of employment, candidates have to say if jobs have been completely lost or jobs have already been gained resulting from the introduction of technology. In terms of protection or digesting, candidates will certainly select one of those and determine technological features/devices that are used in these areas impressive a comparison with manual strategies which were recently employed. Commercial plants happen to be popularly recognized to have a deleterious effect on the environment specifically where the release of waste is concern.

The candidate at this point is to describe what technical feature if perhaps any can be used to control these emissions and elaborate quickly on its effectiveness. How ethical and moral factors are addressed This section talks specifically to two areas, these are generally: 1) Legal polices upon safety, health and welfare. 2) Moral approach in managing safety, into the welfare.

The best policy from this context can be defined as a advisable course of action employed by an organization. This kind of prudent alternative seeks to outline just how situations/developments will be handled within the establishment. By point 1) above prospects are required to list the legal policies utilized by the establishment/industrial plant which will address safety, health and wellbeing.

These guidelines may vary from organization to organization in this case may include: 1) A safety and health plan. 2) Well being policy created through the human and useful resource department inside the establishment. (Information below seeks to give even more details on security and overall health. Kindly peruse) Safety and Health plans Safe and healthy operating conditions do not happen by chance.

Organisations need to have a written basic safety policy because of their enterprise aiming the safety and health requirements which should be all their objective to attain. The insurance plan should identity the elderly executive who is responsible for seeing that the standards happen to be achieved, and who has authority to allocate responsibilities to management and supervisors in any way levels also to see they are carried out. The protection policy will need to deal with the following matters: 1) Arrangements intended for training in any way levels.

Particular attention must be given to essential workers including scaffolders and crane workers whose errors can be specifically dangerous to other personnel; 2) safe methods or perhaps systems of for dangerous operations: the employees carrying out these kinds of operations ought to be involved in their particular preparation; 3) the duties and required supervisors and key employees; 4) arrangements by which information concerning safety and health is to be made noted; 5) preparations for setting up safety committees; 6) the selection and control over subcontractors. Safety organization and management (policies) must cover all aspects of the employer’s or the contractor’s operations Ethical Approach in handling protection, health and well being Moral procedure in managing safety, health insurance and welfare is related to how staff are cured by the organization.

Candidates at this point will recognize the initiatives within the organization/establishment which have been created for employees under the heading of safety, health insurance and welfare. These kinds of could incorporate: PRESENTATION Several points will be allotted pertaining to presentation and in order for individuals to score maximum they must satisfy all the requirements outlined inside the mark structure. Keen interest must be added to the use of tables, charts, photos and blueprints to present info.

The tool selected can be used to represent any kind of data which the student wants to highlight. Every area to be dealt with under advantages and articles should be remedied as headings and subheadings thus improving the demonstration of the survey. COMMUNICATION OF INFORMATION This area deals with the interaction of information within a logical method using appropriate grammar and appropriate jargon of the field. All of 14 marks are allotted for this area therefore teacher can be expected to screen students strongly ensuring that all the requirements layed out are followed as much as possible.

OVERVIEW Major Conclusions This is where learners will focus on any area of plant procedure that they may consider being outstanding. This may include new technology which leads to greater productivity. Recommendation This is how students discover possible strategies/initiatives which could in order to improve functions in the aspects of concern.

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