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Three arguments Essay

Phrase critical discussion analysis dissertation, focuses on 3 professional works and how these authors build their arguments using thoughts and opinions and data. There are many different ways in which authors can easily construct their particular arguments.

In the highly questionable topic of legalizing marijuana I found 3 very different types of arguments where the authors saved their thoughts with specifics. In my reading of these arguments each writer had generally there own design. The first essay by Stephen M. Duke, Marijuana Captiva Clearing the World via Marijuana Prohibition, the second Medical marijuana laws and regulations in 60 states: Checking out the relationship between state legalization of medical marijuana and marijuana use, abuse and dependence, as well as the third Vote: Nationwide Marijuana Legalization Unavoidable, each article had a several way in proving generally there arguments. The authors most used precisely the same tactics in persuading the audience. Arguing how come marijuana must be legalized.

Inside the first Dissertation written by Sophie B. Fight it out, Cannabis Vehicle Freeing the World from Weed Prohibition, mcdougal provides you with famous facts to compliment his discussion. He depends on how cannabis was used daily in certain cultures and goes through time showing that federal government abolishment is impossible. This individual states that government controlling the drug is possible particularly if the ban is elevated. In this discussion it implies that the abolishment of liquor only helped bring violence, criminal offense and criminal organizations. Through this essay it states that in the United States, huge criminal businesses maintained by simply violence and bribery increasingly control the networks that distribute weed.

By finally legalizing alcoholic beverages the government may control who also it was sold to and the customer could also rely on the quality of the liquor. Simply by comparing cannabis with alcoholic beverages he asserted that simply by abolishing weed only triggers more problems and produces no way of containment. If marijuana was legalized the government could create sanctions and put control in there hands, creating you do not need organized criminal offense. The author used facts of all time to support his argument.

In this essay, Medical marijuana laws in 50 states: Looking into the relationship between state legalization of medical marijuana and marijuana make use of, abuse and dependence, the authors got a review taken by people who lived in states where weed was legal and residents of declares where weed was illegal. Cerda (2011) We put together abuse and dependence as one outcome, as empirical findings indicate that it better catches the underlying prevalence of cannabis use disorders than dependence or abuse exclusively.

While element use disorders were at first conceived as a bi-axial symptoms with dependence capturing even more physiologic dimensions of craving and maltreatment capturing more behavioral consequences, there is now substantial evidence to indicate that misuse and dependence criteria, which includes cannabis employ disorder criteria, represent a uni-dimensional construct (para. 10). In this argumentative essay the writer usually takes the results of the survey and concludes that there is a very good relationship between use, misuse and dependence in declares that have produced marijuana legal.

This discussion shows that by keeping it illegitimate there are less people who employ, abuse and become dependent on this. The author utilized a review in which required results of states where marijuana was legal and where marijuana was unlawful to support his argument. Inside the article, Election: Nationwide Weed Legalization Inevitable, the author doesn’t argue a side because of or against marijuana.

This article gives the effects of a study taken across the country regarding marijuana. According to Kwtx (2014) The telephone survey identified that seventy five percent of respondents including majorities of both supporters and opponents of legal marijuana think that someone buy and usage of pot ultimately will be legal nationwide. (para. 4) To summarize he states that the benefits reflect nationwide marijuana legalization is unavoidable. Without selecting a side this individual concluded a survey of what people believe will happen down the road either for or against the legalization. Although the poll didn’t reflect the very fact that total legalization of marijuana can be or isn’t wanted this shows you 3 fourths of your majority believe it is inevitable that it may be legalized.

This writer used a survey with out an argument to back up his document.

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