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What type of personality was tattered dick

Literature Review

Horatio Alger was the creator of Tattered Dick. Tattered Dick started to be the most popular new of his collection that was published in 1867. This book demonstrates a tale about a character by the name of Dick who is a bootblack in New York City. This individual rises by penury to success because of endless hard work and moving into his fact despite various obstacles he tends to encounter. Alger chemicals an image of Ragged Dick’s character throughout the novel.

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One day, Dick came across Jeff Wilkins, a fresh York City street boy, whose mother is facing eviction. Alger points out that Tom Wilkins’ mother was ill and experiencing an occasion of problems. She used to make 3 to 4 dollars every week but after she started to be sick she couldn’t find the money for to keep up with her expenses. Tom’s mother worried that she would be removed from her house. Dick experienced compassion on their behalf and volunteered to offer Mary Wilkins funds for rent. Following Tom’s mother received it she experienced less worried:

“¦. now she gets a good deal much easier.

I have got some more for you, Mary, said Dick, producing a two-dollar bill by his bank. (Alger)

Through this scene he came to the rescue intended for Tom’s family. He realized what it felt like to be fiscally struggling coming from his own experience. Dick was a individual that had a caring heart and automatically helped a friend in need. How come do you think Dick is so charity in this history even though he tries to conserve?

The day Dick and Henry were walking down on the South Ferry, was the disclosing of his heroic deed. They got onto the ferry motorboat next into a gentleman fantastic two children. The father was showing his daughter a few things great son happened to sneak away below an unsupervised area. Unfortunately, the child ends up falling into a stream. The child’s father wasn’t able to swim and would be risking his very own life if perhaps he attempted to jump in. Having been searching for someone to save his child and offered a reward. Alger remarks that Dick is a great swimmer then when he saw the boy, his brain was wear saving him:

Now Dick was a specialist swimmer. It had been an accomplishment which usually he had held for years, and he not any sooner observed the young man fall than he resolved to recovery him. His determination was created before this individual heard the liberal give made by the boys daddy. Indeed, I have to do Dick the rights to say that, in the pleasure of the second, he did not hear it at all, nor would it have activated the impulsiveness with which this individual sprang to the rescue of the son. (Alger)

Dick made a choice to save the boy because of his mixture of characteristics that reside in him to motivate his determination to aid. His outlook was on keeping a lifestyle instead of taking advantage of a good work. What qualities do you think Dick displayed when he rescued the kid who was endangered after falloff the ferry?

To be regarded as an entrant for a task, Fosdick must make a good impression based on how he is dressed. Alger notes, that Dick acquisitions a match for Fosdick, so he will appear presentable for his job interview.

He was determined that Fosdick should have a great serviceable fit, even if it took all the funds they had. The consequence of their search was that to get twenty-three us dollars Fosdick acquired a very nice outfit, together with a couple of tshirts, a cap, and a couple of shoes, besides a dark mixed suit, which came out stout and of good quality (Alger)

Readers can easily see that Dick used his money as they wanted Fosdick to appearance professional and win over the interview. This individual knew in the event Fosdick dressed professionally it would show that he has respect pertaining to himself, the interviewer, and the business your dog is interviewing pertaining to. His thoughtfulness made him a respectable pal in the eye of Fosdick. Dick does not have any problem with looking to help the people in his existence go to a higher level.

Dick was committed to ensuring that although it was his duty to address himself it was important to manage others in the process as well. Alger uses these kinds of three displays to show that Dick is usually honest, faithful, respectful, compassionate, fair, hopeful, and features perseverance. If Dick’s interior character was the opposite of what it is right now, do you think his success tale would still turn out love it did? How would you explain the type of persona Dick was?

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