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What is the meaning of life? Essay

I have down a lot of essays with this theme during my expansion process. All of them is different.

By reviewing these essays I possess down prior to, I have a conclusion that might be the answer to the question. A lot more changing or perhaps moving, life is not igual, experiencing within life is this is of existence. When I involved 10 year-old, a primary institution teacher said to write the first composition to explain precisely what is the meaning of life. Some write it very simple, I actually gave various answers for the question. I thought there are many different life styles, and there is not one answer may answer the question.

I did not know what the contemporary society is, can certainly make money wrote the second essay with this matter after I merely entered jr high school. I actually forget what actually I composed down that point, but it should be a very big ideal, just like to be a successful scientist or businessman, like the majority of Chinese students do. I used to be expected to be a successful entrepreneur by my dad, and I really liked economics during that time, I could not imagine I might study mechanical engineering in university.

The final essay was written after i was in senior high school. Chinese substantial schools happen to be incredible stringent, and there is simply no freedom, college students have to examine day and night, they can do anything more but analyze. I suffered a lot from that, so I wrote the composition with the answer that the which means of life is freedom, persons should do whatsoever they want, legitimately.

I wrote this composition with wonderful passion. I believed most Chinese language schools must be burned given that they keep wrecking students’ imagination and self-pride. However , My spouse and i only wrote it with passion, there were no reasonable or primary thoughts in it. It can be more like a behavior that vent my own anger.

In summary, I think every one of the answers above I wrote to the issue are right, there is in fact no total answer just for this question generally. Nevertheless, that great changes is the most enjoyable and fantastic part of life. People that try to adhere to or find the meaning of life may well live incredibly toilsomely, yet I cannot assess it right or wrong, everyone has diverse lifestyles, for me personally, I just have to open my mind, and encounter every changes in my life.

Just how fascinating a lot more!

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