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What is sexting essay

Through this age of technology and data, internet and mobile technology devices dominate our world (Burton, D, 2012, p. 1), with over 90% of Australians aged 15-17 owning mobiles (Australian Marketing and sales communications and Multimedia Authority, 2010, ₱4). Today’s teens are overexposed to sexual articles in many facets of the multimedia (Burton, D, 2012). This highly sexualised digital tradition has altered the way youngsters relate to one other (Walker. S i9000., Sanci, D. & Temple-Smith, M, 2011).

One trend that has appeared from the elevated accessibility of such devices and sexual direct exposure is the practice of ‘sexting’ (Society Pages, 2013, ₱1).

The term ‘sexting’ derives from merging what ‘texting’ and ‘sex’ and “refers towards the sending of sexually attention grabbing material from modern sales and marketing communications devices” (Forde, L. & Hardley, T., 2011). ‘Sexting’ is currently obtaining mass media focus (Walker, T., Sanci, D., & Temple-Smith, M., 2011). It is accepted as one of most recent youth tendency in well-known culture (Funnell, N, 2012).

Although the showing of sexually explicit material is not really a new idea, it has become less difficult with the net (Walker, S.

, Sanci, T., & Temple-Smith, M., 2011). Shared images “become element of a young individual’s digital impact, which may last forever and have the potential to damage future career potential customers or relationships” (NSW Government, 2008, ₱3. ). The prevalence of sexting

A national study conducted this season by the enterprise Understanding Young adults found that 59% of teenagers have electronically transmitted sexually suggestive material (Understanding Teenagers, 2010, ₱3). In another survey executed by the popular teen girl mag Girlfriend discovered that forty percent of 558 participants had been involved in sexting (Parliament of Victoria Regulation Reform Committee Sexting Request (PVLRCSI), 2012).

In Queensland alone, 459 sexting accidents were reported in 2011 (PVLRCSI, 2012) in addition to Western Down under sexting accidents have tripled in quantity from 2009 to 2011 (PVLRCSI, 2012). Research by simply American psychiatrist Andrew Smiler found numerous causes that attribute to sexting: to show commitment in a relationship, to impress friends, to harass or bully, or perhaps as a challenge. According for an article inside the Teacher Learning Network log

In well-known culture, sexting is seen as a young person’s phenomenon: mobile phones, raunch culture, too little of inhibition, an absence of respect a lack of morals are seen by many as the perfect tornado that has created the sexting trend. (Funnell, N, 2012). Looking at sexting throughout the lens of Sociological Theory

Feminist Theory

Sexting is recognised as a male or female related concern because young girls feel pressure from the over-sexualised media to provide themselves while sexually desirable. Similarly, teenagers have been trained to expect this kind of behaviour. Sexting has created a mechanism to get young people to actualize these types of expectations (Walker. S., Sanci, L. & Temple-Smith, Meters, 2011). It really is understood that young girls have reached greater risk of adverse effects than young men with this behaviour (Walker. S., Sanci, L. & Temple-Smith, M, 2011). Professionals go in terms of to claim “…the possibility of a hyperlink between sexting and gendered sexual assault targeting women” (Walker. T., Sanci, L. & Temple-Smith, M, 2011).

Woman’s endorse, writer and speaker Melinda Tankard- Reist discusses in her DVD MOVIE Too Sexy Too Soon our society tells young girls all their primary value is being displayed sexually. Each of our society has created a traditions where sexualisation of young girl is certainly normal (Tutorial DVD). Blue jean Kilbourne and Diane Levin, authors of Sexy Thus Soon, dispute: Boys happen to be surrounded by multimedia messages that encourage them to judge their feminine peers based on how they look, often to view these contempt, and also to expect sexual subservience from their website (Burton, M., 2012). A fascinating anecdote within the evolution in the women’s liberation movement coming from feminist Bea Manne says:

The relationship among women’s liberation and the new sexual independence was hardly ever an simple one. The 2 movements possess often experienced tension. … Jostling alongside welcome indications of women’s new-found status, and a more comfortable, tolerant, open and generous society on sexual matters, many of the contours of the fresh sexual liberalism remain molded by man dominance (as cited by Burton, D, 2012).

Ms Manne (as cited in Butron, D, 2012) procedes say that “along the way we allowed ‘sexual liberation’ to be determined to by pornography”. This view definitely seems to be supported by many females reported in our media today. In the research paper Underage and Over- exposed Burton (2012) evaluated a young girl who said

Look at many girls’ position models. The majority of celebrities are only out there for parties, having drunk and having sex with everyone. Paris, france Hilton – as much as she actually is a bad position model to us, she actually is always in the newspapers and stuff like that so younger generations will be influenced by he.

You can also get the latest antics of child star Miley Cyrus and her practically pornographic activities at the VMA Music accolades in Sept. 2010 and her raunchy new film show for struck single Wrecking Ball.

Symbolic Interaction Theory Symbolic interactionists give attention to how conversation is central to all man interaction and just how these communications create world (Carl, T & Baker, S, 2011). This theory would view sexting because youth doing exercises their power to create contemporary society. These youngsters are producing their own standards of precisely what is normal and acceptable conduct (Carl, J & Baker, S, 2011). Youth consider sexting a grownup or media-generated concept (University of New Southern Wales, 2013, p. 1).

Youth tend not to call this activity sexting, but make reference to such behaviour as taking noodz, bare selfies, dirty pics or perhaps sexy pics (The University or college of Melbourne, 2012). Nevertheless , although this creativity and individualism could possibly be acceptable within just subgroups, such as the youth subculture, on a macro level attempting to conflicts with all the norm (The University of Melbourne, 2012). Symbolic Interactionist Chafetz states that males and girl communicate in different ways: men are likely to dominate dialogue and girl follow irrelavent rules that men can charge.

She says “Women use body language in ways that weaken their ability to state themselves, can make them look less effective than their very own male counterparts” (Chafetz, 1997 as cited in Carl & Hillman, 2011 l. 86). Males and woman often work in a standard manner associated with stereotyped sexuality roles. For example , woman use body language and gestures, or in this case pictures images, whereas men are certainly more direct presenting their masculinity by demanding these types of pictures off their female equivalent (Carl & Hillman, 2011).

Sexting is a great example of the manifestation of how an individual’s meaning of gender evolves from everyday interactions (Chafetz 1997 since cited in Carl & Hillman, 2011). In today’s contemporary society, we are bombarded with sexually explicit material and people appear desensitised. Psychiatrist Andrew Smiler stated

A porn cosmetic pervades tradition – stylish, music, entertainment and behavior. This is evident in the billboards, music videos and developer stores that shape the desires and imaginations of the younger and younger demographic. It is not exactly that culture is becoming more sexualised. It is that the imagery with the pornographic sensual has shaped the sexualisation of culture. (Smiler, A as cited in Burton, L, 2012).

Research carried out by Hewlett Packard identified that precisely what is communicated aesthetically has more influence than any other form of interaction. Their research supports the idea that visual interaction can be more powerful than mental communication, suggesting in many instances that people learn and retain data that is presented to all of them visually greater than that which is only provided verbally (Hewlett Parkard, 2004, ₱1).

Sexual photos are just about everywhere, often with no words, and therefore are creating a whole new set of community values. These kinds of images happen to be encouraging our young someones sexual exploration and thus reinforcing the conduct of sexting. Australian Company researcher Flood stated that the “‘regular and frequent experience of sexual articles in popular media makes greater lovemaking knowledge and more liberal intimate attitudes amongst children and young people”.

Although the press operate on the macro level their affect permeates right through to a tiny level, therefore influencing the way in which individuals connect. Symbolic connection provides a valuable explanation showing how the sub-culture of sexting has developed. Effects of Sexting

Interpersonal and Psychological

Children are quickly involved in this kind of activity tend to be naïve as to its outcomes. According to Goodings and Everaardt (2010) as mentioned in of the Parliament of Victoria Regulation Reform Panel Sexting Request (PVLRCSI)), 2013 the “social ramifications is most likely the most destroying when it comes to sexting”. The case of Jessica Logan an 18 year old student in America shows the dangers of sexting. The photographs she sent to her boyfriend were afterwards distributed to hundreds of people and finally ended in her suicide (Forde, L. & Hardley, T., 2011).

Even though most cases are not as serious as Jessica’s, the mass distribution of the images is common. There are many other detrimental physiological, emotional and social (Goodings and Everaardt (2010) as cited in the Parliament of Victoria Regulation Reform Panel Sexting Inquiry (2012). Sexting is a hazardous activity and unfortunately “the viral propagate of these photos and the affiliated shame have reportedly led to social, mental and legal consequences pertaining to victims” (Katzman, 2010).


Because of the rapidity of technical development, methods such as sexting are not properly covered by Australian law. This is known as ‘cultural lag'(J, Carl, S Baker, Scott, Hillman & Larwrence, 2011). The younger generation who send out and acquire sexually precise images could find themselves in serious difficulties under numerous state and Commonwealth kid pornography laws.

One specific piece of guidelines is Portion 10. 6th of the Commonwealth Criminal Code Act 95, which makes it “an offence to gain access to, transmit, distribute, possess, control, supply or obtain child pornography” (Forde, L. & Hardley, S i9000., 2011). Furthermore in Queensland, those staying convicted of child pornography can also be added to the Sex Offenders Register.

Sexting also declines under the group of sexual harassment under S28A of the Earth Sex Splendour Act 1984 (Forde, L. & Hardley, S, 2011). These laws are designed to safeguard children from your abuse of adults and several agree that they are ill fitted to the issue of children sexting each other (Forde, T. & Hardley, S, 2011). Those working with children would need to be aware that if perhaps they confiscate a data hard disk drive containing this kind of images, or if such images happen to be stored over a school unit, material they can also be incurred (Forde, T. & Hardley, S, 2011). My Position

As a youth worker I would be involved at a grassroots level in mentoring and supporting of youth associated with this practice. I would also want to be involved in sex education classes. In respect to experts it is vital to feature youth’s opinions and suggestions if successful solutions have to be found (Walker. S., Sanci, L. & Temple-Smith, M, 2011, g. 8). As a youth staff member I need to facilitate this and make sure that youth get this tone. Christian Children Work Point of view

Adolescence is actually a time of existence where human beings are creating their identity (PBS, 2011, ₱1). The younger generation are searching for truth, purpose and belonging. Various youth don�t have any power in their life educating them in order to build and look after healthy interactions and therefore are very likely to be involved in risky relationships (Burton, L, 2012)

Christian youth staff and chaplains have an excellent opportunity to be in schools training youth about topics just like identity, purpose and healthy relationships. Being a Christian junior worker I need youth to find their authentic identity in Christ and that they ultimately belong to him. This kind of truth is one of the most empowering knowledge any human can have got and it answers these types of questions of identity, truth and goal. Christian Analysis

From a Christian perspective the take action of sexting would be known as sexually wrong behaviour and therefore frowned upon as it would have images that could be considered pornographic. There are many references to such conduct in the Holy book to support this kind of. In you Corinthians six: 18 Paul writes; Run away from lovemaking immorality. All the other sins a person does are outside the body, nevertheless whoever sins sexually, sins against their particular body. Do you really not understand that your bodies are wats or temples of the Ay Spirit, who will be in you, whom you have received via God? Anyone with your very own; you had been bought at an amount.

Therefore exclusive chance God along with your bodies (NIV). Paul reestablishes the trouble of lovemaking immorality in 1 Thessalonians 4: 3-7; It is The lord’s will that you need to be sanctified: that you should prevent sexual immorality; that each of you should figure out how to control your own body in a way that is usually holy and honorable… The Lord will reprimand all those whom commit these kinds of sins, even as we told you and warned you before. Intended for God would not call us being impure, but to live a holy lifestyle (NIV). The message edition of Ephesians 5: 1-4 provides an

excellent example of how healthful relationships are very important and without great understanding of them people fall into the capture of immoral behaviour.

Watch what Goodness does, then you do it, like children whom learn right behavior from other parents. Typically what Goodness does is love you. Keep company with him and learn a lifetime of love. Observe Christ cherished us. His love was not cautious but extravagant. He didn’t take pleasure in in order to get some thing from all of us but to give everything of himself to us. Like like that. Do not let love to change into lust, triggering a downhill slide in sexual promiscuity, filthy methods, or bullying greed.

Although some tongues just love the taste of gossip, people who follow Jesus have better uses for terminology than that. Don’t discuss dirty or silly. That kind of speak doesn’t suit our design. Thanksgiving is our language. However , it is not necessarily the part of Christians to judge the youth involved with this conduct, but to encourage them to change this behaviour because it is dangerous. The role of Church ought to be to promote healthy relationships and demonstrate Christ’s love.


A residential area approach is needed if sexting is to be efficiently reduced. Father and mother and the education system need to work together while using youth to be able to tackle this matter (Walker. H., Sanci, L. & Temple-Smith, M, 2011). The problem could be addressed through: 1 . Love-making education classes that include suggestions on (a) the development of healthy relationships, (b) the dangers of sexting and (c) intimate morality and self-image (PVLRCSI, 2012, s. 8&9) and (Funnell, And, 2012).

installment payments on your Providing workshops for assistance officers, counsellors and chaplains in universities to assist these people in addressing this issue with the students (PVLRCS, 2012). several. Incorporating the voice of youth in to the attempts to cope with the issue of sexting (Walker. S i9000., Sanci, D. & Temple-Smith, M, 2011). 4. Educational institutions providing education for parents around the issue of sexting. This would include, (a) the various outcomes of sexting, (b) the legal outcome and (c) how they can enforce restrictions upon technology more effectively (PVLRCS2012, 2012). 5. Offering a government community service announcement on this concern be, at the. g. a television advertisements campaign. six. Updating the law need to talk about sexting appropriately.

7. Conducting further exploration on the matter.

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