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Information data source country brazil

Brazil, Data Analysis


Country Established: September 7, 1822

Native Language: Portuguese as well as Brazilian Costa da prata

Current Human population: 204, 1000, 000 Brazilians

Gross Home Product (GDP): 3. 389 Trillion US Dollars


It is understandable that Brazil would like to protect its coastline and would require a lot needed in doing so. The country is known for its significant military equipment and energetic personnel portion for their countrymen. According to the law and regulations, Brazilian men happen to be conscripted mandatorily. The only conditions are the clergymen and women. What are the results is that whenever a boy becomes 18, he’s required to get drafted and serve if he reaches 19 years old.

DRUG LAWS AND REGULATIONS (which prescription drugs are legal? Which are unlawful? )

Illegal Drugs: Cannabis (marijuana), crack

Legal Medications: Tobacco (can be consumed when you are more than 18 years old), prescription medications are allowed.

FIREARM LAWS (what are the guidelines for firearm ownership? )

Following Brazil’s gun laws and regulations are fairly easy when compared to other countries. You must be 25 years older or over to procure a gun. It is unlawful to carry a gun outside of your residence perimetres. You can just carry a gun if you do include a special allow or if you are a law enforcement expert. Before you can have one, you need to safeguarded a gun certificate first pay every three years after sign up in National Police.

PROSTITUTION (Is it legal? What are the laws around it? )

Brazilians are known for its liberated attitude and the carefree demeanors. This goes to present in their laws and regulations as well. In Brazil, prostitution is legal. The age of consent is 16 years old however you can only be a specialist sex employee at the age of 18. You must know that we now have limits and rules to adhere to legal prostitution. An example of this can be inducing someone to become a prostitute or pushing someone with out consent can be described as crime. Also, if you try to recruit women that are those under 18, the consequences are fatal and are considered a heinous crime.

ADDICTIONS (do they consume even more drugs than alcohol? Vice versa? Something else? )

With the country’s booming industry ranging from local products to tourism, one of the most worrying is the side effect of getting these effective industries and one of them is definitely the drugs in Brazil. It started in 2010 and the quantities kept raising surpassing the percent intake each year. It had been estimated that Brazil uses 18% of the world’s supply of cocaine. That may be almost 92, 000 kilos worth of medication according to the United Nations Office upon Drugs and Crime.


In Latin America, the one devastating war that were quoted as the bloodiest and deadliest war was the Paraguayan Battle. The warfare lasted to get 4 years amongst the interstate of Spain, Brazil, and Uruguay compared to Paraguay. The war garnered 140, 500 losses of lives where 50, 1000 of estimated soldiers and civilians were Brazilians.


Brazil comes to existence whenever its football period and all the earth knows for what reason. The country has played in all of the world cups and offers secured over 5 big wins! Brazilians are pretty much heavily invested in their sport and you can see the enthusiasm and team heart in every group win and losses. They can be very supportive and loyal with their team. Most remarkable players who ever established foot around the field happen to be Brazilians too.


In all of the Unites states, Brazil can be one heck of a making giant. That they contribute to almost 30% of Americas GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT. Their products will include consumer durables, petrochemicals, computers, metal, automobiles, and aircraft.

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