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What is Philosophy Essay

After reading the opening section of Cahn’s, “Exploring Beliefs: An Preliminary Anthology”, I was immediately used by the starting statement from Beardsley and Beardsley: “The study of philosophy can be unlike study regarding any other subject…The only requirement is an inquiring mind” (Cahn, 3).

For a scientific research major, my first reaction is enjoyment, for it is not necessary to remember “dates, formulations, or rules” (Chan, 3). As I continued reading however , I start to think to me what I consider it means to consider a viewpoint course? My personal definition of having a philosophy program is I would personally be learning the tips of one’s thoughts, beliefs, morals, religious beliefs, and any other “stereotypical” philosophical description. However , thanks to the description provided, when ever broken down, “the word idea is of Ancient greek language origin and literally means, “the appreciate of wisdom” (Cahn, 3). What does that even suggest?

Throughout the opening chapter, equally authors try to dissect, examine, and examine these suggestions of ‘philosophy’ and ‘philosophical questions’ pertaining to readers, like myself, to get a better understanding for discovering such an idea. Still, how can i truly realize that I have come to such an answer? There are 3 chief benefits that the writers provide, “that are to be based on the study of philosophy”. The initially being, “increased clearness in your beliefs” (Chan 10). To me, I believe this kind of statement to get saying that I need to truly ensure that what I maintain to be authentic – is in fact true to me personally.

The second is, “increased assurance that your morals are reasonable” (Cahn, 10). So to my understanding, given that I believe that such an undeniable fact is true, I must also ensure that it is reasonable. What does that mean for something to get reasonable? “‘Reasonable’ has a broad, but particular, meaning in this article: a reasonable belief is simply a belief for which reasonable can be presented.

Reasonable beliefs are rationally justifiable” (Cahn, 3). Ok, so basically put this kind of in my personal words, it means that this reality I carry to be accurate, must also incorporate some sort of very good purpose for this to hold such meaning. The third and last benefit is, “increased consistency” (Cahn, 11). Because there are numerous questions one can ask that could force all of us to confront most anything at all, this third belief in my opinion is saying that, with regularity, there may be possible of visiting an actual response or a of this kind of facts or perhaps ideas.

Uncertain if I gone away what idea means to me personally, or merely confused myself more. With any luck , I do certainly not confuse you either. We wrote within this first examining, because it genuinely captured my personal attention in this, sometimes all of us as individuals do philosophical thinking and questioning nevertheless we may never be aware of this.

Whether we could questioning some sort of fact out loud, or internally – we are taking part in “philosophical thinking” (Cahn, 7). Therefore , it is important to understand what this term ‘philosophy’ means. I am excited with this course to explore many tips and to uncover/discover such conceptual thinking and ideas that I may not be conscious of, through the readings and discussions we will be keeping in class.

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