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What is gestational diabetes

Diabetes, Pregnancy

Gestational diabetes (also referred to as gestational diabetes mellitus, or GDM), is a form of diabetes developing during pregnancy. The disorder usually goes away after the pregnancy. Gestational diabetes is diagnosed when blood sugar levels look higher than usual during the pregnancy.


During pregnancy, the placenta makes hormones to aid the baby develop. These hormones can prevent the actions of the mom’s insulin, causing insulin level of resistance. Consequently, the mother’s insulin requirements will be 2 ” 3 times higher than usual1.

Women who possess insulin amount of resistance before falling pregnant, may not be able to cope with an increased with regard to insulin production. As a result, blood sugar (sugar) levels increase and gestational diabetes will be clinically diagnosed. The diabetes should go away when the pregnant state has done. However , the insulin level of resistance increases the likelihood of experiencing Diabetes mellitus type 2 later1.

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Risk factors

There are several factors that can enhance your risk of expanding gestational diabetes. These include being over more than 20 years old, using a family history of Type 2 diabetes or perhaps gestational diabetes, being overweight, recently having gestational diabetes or giving birth to a huge baby, or perhaps previously having Polycystic Ovary Syndrome1. In addition , certain ethnicities are at better risk of developing gestational diabetes, including persons from a Vietnamese, China, middle eastern, Polynesian, Melanesian or Cookware Indian background 1, installment payments on your

Managing gestational diabetes

Initially, gestational diabetes can be managed with lifestyle changes: healthy eating and physical activity. Nevertheless , some ladies will require extra insulin to deal with their gestational diabetes. This insulin might be administered through insulin shots or an insulin pump.

Is insulin pump remedy right for me?

Ladies who require insulin, may choose to how to use insulin pump. A MiniMed insulin pump might be best for you if you encounter any of the pursuing:

  • 3 or more insulin injections per day
  • Difficulty in handling high and low sugar values
  • Anxiety about hypoglycaemia (lows), especially at nighttime
  • HbA1c outside the target range
  • Difficulty following your recommended insulin program for diabetes management
  • Fear of needles
  • Seeking more flexibility in your diabetes management

If you’ve attempted managing your gestational diabetes using insulin injections, however experience repeated episodes of hypoglycaemia, insulin pump remedy might be specifically beneficial for you3.

The benefits of insulin pump remedy for gestational diabetes

Study indicates that the major features of using insulin pump therapy include:

  • decreased variability in insulin4
  • decreased likelihood of hypoglycaemia4
  • increased control of the dawn phenomenon4
  • Using CGM with a great insulin pump during pregnancy may improve glycaemic control4

Research indicates insulin pump therapy is a safe and effective treatment to enhance glycaemic control in females with gestational diabetes5

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