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Attitudes Towards Technology: Han China and Roman Empire Essay

Psychological data reports that the two government and philosophers view a benefit of technology in culture, clearly bettering productivity for their whole nation. Lastly, Doc 6 displays Plutarch, an increased government established, writing with the creation of roads that helped the mobility of horses, the corporation of urban centers, and splendor of the property. On the other hand, few documents demonstrate points of watch seeing technology in a bad light. Document 2 displays a govt. official explaining the bad quality of technology because of not enough workers and quality labor.

He likewise states which the lack of top quality technology triggers an increase in the iron and salt prices, resulting in deficiency of seasoning intended for the peasants’ food and lack of good tools to get farming. Paperwork 5 and 7 display two Roman upper classman opposed to technology because consider inventors and craftsment shortage wisdom and enlightenment. All their were two main perspective that could have got affected the bias with the documents’ location on the subject. The first is demonstrated in papers 1 and 8 in which the sources will be men with an occupation in technological function.

This means they have to have started out with a great appreciation for it. Also, the more they publicized the tips of their solutions, the better the business was for them, thus, making them more wealthy and significant, thus stronger. The second point of view comes from positions of very high power and little understanding of the use of technology. Shown in documents five and 7 are two sources which have very high positions in their society where that they lack knowledge and understanding of the uses of technology.

Had they known more and had first hand experience with tools and different crafts, they might have a better admiration for these kinds of vulgar careers. Looking over the documents, it is made obvious that all the document result from high class citizens fiving us no perspective from the significantly less wealthy. Had we become a document from a lower class citizen, we would after that be able to pull info on just how technology influenced the larger a part of societies.

Likewise, all the options come from male citizens fiving us not any knowledge of the effect it technology had for the women. Probably their household lives were affected considerably by the creation of tools, an area of daily lives men in the upper class might have no understanding of. The majority of attitude towards technology during the Ryan dynasty and Roman Empire reasonably was positive, but the portion of negative responses lay mostly in areas of insufficient knowledge about them.

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