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Westernization essay essay


What exactly is westernization? Would it be a bad issue or can it be something best for us? Getting the americans dressing style, their tips is that what westernization is? Wikipedia says.. It is a procedure whereby communities come beneath or take up Western tradition in areas such as industry, technology, law, politics, economics, lifestyle, diet, language, abc, religion, idea, and ideals. We have practically covered every area except for legislation, politics and economics..

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Were way at the rear of in all those areas. In India every we have is corruption, failed judiciary system and economy going down with growing scams.

Industries are booming throughout, great technology, totally advanced lifestyle which can be healthy or unhealthy will probably be discussed after, diet which may be considered in lifestyle has additionally changed a whole lot, language and alphabet very well it has i really am producing in some vocabulary (English) dats not my own mother tongue, faith to some extent yes, philosophy likewise have changed within the time, and values definitely changed and is influenced by simply western concepts.

Just how have we changed… what is this process?

The answer to this problem can only be provided by the traditional accounts… what our ancestors were and how we are here at this second. Talking about the industries they have brought growth and development in our nation along with pollution. We were the third globe country although industrialization has got us to now be a developing nation who is striving to be a superpower in the near future. Very well it also offers its positives and negatives development in the industrial sector has cost all of us way too much. Various problems are connected to environmental problems that’s gaining our nation due to inappropriate waste management by this sectors.

Our resources are depleting land normal water soil everything is being infected by the industrial sectors which is consequently effecting mother earth. Since past few decades we certainly have started to encounter weird local climate change serious heat serious rain. Almost everything and anything in an excessive amount of quantity is hazardous to health. At this point coming to the area of technology… as we realize that westernization has got all of us a lot of new technology. Whom knew television, cell phone, internet, are going to be thus crucial element of our your life that we think helpless in the event that even you is lacking. But again, every coin offers two edges. Technology made our process so easy that people just need to lift a


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