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Water pollution remains one of term paper

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In the a shortage of proper squander management laws and regulations, as well as poor enforcement of existing waste disposal laws, a rise in the number of production entities could inevitably maximize instances of water pollution. According to Goel (2006), the mere fact that smaller cities report less instances of water pollution than larger metropolitan areas is a obvious indicator with the relationship that exists between population denseness and water pollution levels. In the final analysis, “population growth and industrialization, the two work synergistically to increase the amount of pollution” (Goel, 2006).

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With the various issues provided in the text above at heart, prevention remains to be one of the best and most valid solutions to the problem of water pollution. In the first place, there exists a must make sure that all toxic compounds are disposed off within a proper and safe way. Proper treatment of waste material is also one more critical preventive measure. The enactment of correct laws and regulations governing the removal of chemical substances and other waste products is yet another means of preventing water quality before it takes place. Normally, such laws should be given to all installations whose waste materials could finish up contaminating normal water. In addition to being enacted, the stated laws must also be completely enforced.

Just one more important way towards fixing the problem of water pollution has got to do with cleaning up contaminated water. Many of the most common techniques of purification or perhaps disinfection contain but they are not limited to chloramine and chlorine disinfection, radium removal, etc . There as well exists a number of industrial water purification techniques. In the U. S., says like Texas according to Spoolman and Miller (2011) get around forty percent of their “drinking water coming from recycling and purifying wastewater. “

People could also be sensitive on techniques for preventing water quality. For instance, farmers could in such a case be asked to embrace organic farming techniques. Littering near drinking water bodies could also be discouraged. Within my view, these types of small sacrifices would repay significantly in the long-run.


Given the discussion above, water pollution can be deemed one of the biggest and a lot urgent dangers the environment looks today. This is more so the situation given the negative effect water pollution is wearing both area and aquatic life. That is why, the relevance of taking decisive steps aimed at making certain water is not contaminated cannot be overstated. However , to reach your goals, such an undertaking would require the energetic participation of all stakeholders which includes but not limited to the government, the relevant regulatory physiques, scientific businesses, etc .


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