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Global warming the arctic homes research newspaper

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Excerpt by Research Paper:

Arctic foxes can also be threatened by global warming since they rely on iced seas because of their survival through the bleak winters. Since you will discover fewer predators and food for the foxes is easily available for all of them as compared to the land. Consequently global warming poses as a concern for their success in the ocean (Adam, 2008).

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Dependant seafood species just like polar cod are also endangered by climatic change, arctic and migratory whale species like narwhal and belunga whales, the bowhead and gray whale will also be seriously affected since they normally give food to along the ice cubes edge. Climatic change may also trigger ice openings known as leads and polynyas that behave as critical outpost for nourishing, breeding and migration.

Climatic change does not have an effect on marine life but it also has a negative effect on terrestrial animals. With global warming the terrestrial plants is anticipated to be transferred northwards. The plant and dog species will never adapt to climatic change, the changes in plants will affect animal human population that depends on grazing including reindeer, caribou and muskox. they rely on this vegetation for healthier herds as well as the nourishing with their calves. When there is no sufficient vegetation then your animals turn into less fruitful, they hold off in duplication and having offspring’s and mostly deprive (Chapin, 2008).

In years into the future these family pets from planktons to polar bears and even terrestrial family pets will suffer as well as face a threat of extinction and complete disappearing due to the effects of global warming unless assess are taken to combat this issue.


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