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Victor frankenstein thematic explorer term paper

Mary Shelley, Frankenstein, Composition Analysis, Fictional Analysis

Excerpt from Term Paper:

With this confession, Victor is sharing with Walton that he is a broken gentleman because of his inner wants to explore the unknown through pretending that like God he features control over his own future and that from the creature this individual created. Thematically, Victor is usually relating that the pursuit of knowledge can often be a very dangerous affair.

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At the stage when the beast begins to show some motion upon the laboratory desk, Victor knows that this individual has made an abomination to nature. Down the road, he corelates a portion of what this individual calls his “wildest dreams”: “I believed I saw Elizabeth, in the bloom of health… I accepted her, but as I imprinted the 1st kiss on her behalf lips, that they became livid with the shade of death… her features appeared to alter, and I believed I held the corpse of my dead mom in my biceps and triceps; a shroud enveloped her form, and i also saw the graveworms moving in the folds of her flannel. inch And then, upon awaking out of this hideous problem, Victor “beheld the wretch – the miserable huge whom I had formed created” (52).

This demonstrates the very absolute depths of Victor’s obsessive head for exploration which has resulted in a crime against nature and womanhood, for being an attempt to circumvent normal sexual practices because shared between husband and wife. Intended for Mary Shelley, this represents the ultimate mark of male’s egotism, the supreme turning away from human being society and into the self, the “id” which must result in utter desolation and self-rejection.

Within the morning after creating the creature, Victor costs a walk, “endeavouring, simply by bodily exercise, to ease the weight that considered upon my mind. ” And with his heart palpitating “in the sickness of fear, ” he is reminded from the great poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge – “The Rime with the Ancient Mariner” which relates “Like individual who, on a lonely road/Doth stroll inside fear and dread/and, having once turned round, moves on/and converts no more his head/Because he knows a frightful fiend/Doth close lurking behind him tread” (53). This kind of passage is extremely powerful in its imagery, for it shows that Victor realizes his failure since an manager of the unfamiliar, due to creating “a scary fiend” by means of the monster.

The theme of the wondering explorer in the unknown in Frankenstein strongly indicates that exploration of all kinds, especially in the neurological sciences, can result in finding that “frightful fiend” which one would not want to uncover. With his about to die breath, Victor tells Chief Walton to “seek happiness in tranquillity and avoid ambition” (236), and therefore man must not tread in which he does not fit in.


Shelley, Mary W. Frankenstein. New York: Barnes

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