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Understanding rudyard kipling s portrayal of rikki

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Main character or Villain?

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Hero or bad guy? that is the question when contemplating the mongoose character in Rudyard kipling’s short history “Rikki-tikki-tavi. inch In the history, Rikki-tikki the mongoose requires great procedures to protect his human family members from the fatal attacks of a king naja family. Rikki is first introduced as the main character who fought inches single handed” in “great war”, (22). In addition , kipling concludes the telling of the story with the following statement, “Rikki-tikki had a right to become proud of himself, but this individual didn’t expand too proud¦” (34) Although Rikki safeguarded his family members honorably against the cobras, this individual should not be pleased with his activities due to the fact that having been merciless in the dealings, and he possibly gloried in the killings.

Rikki’s actions reveal a heart that may be merciless and cruel. To begin with, Rikki reveals no hesitation in eliminating all the baby snakes that were yet to be born. ” He bit off the surfaces of the eggs as fast as he could, taking care to grind the small cobrasat least there were just three eggs left, and Rikki-tikki began to chuckle to himself, “(30). Although Rikki may have deemed that a necessary evil to eliminate the fish eggs to be able to protect his human relatives, his chuckle conveys a twisted enjoyment of this objective that leaves his character in question. The moment Nagaina discovers from Rikki-tikki that all but one of her eggs happen to be destroyed simply by Rikki-tikki, your woman pleads with rikki-tikki to leave her take those one egg and claims to keep and never go back again. Rikki tikki refuses. “Yes, you will go away, and you will never revisit, for you will go to the junk heap with nag. combat widow¦”(31) perhaps rikki tikki doubts her sincerity, yet he offers this plea not even the second of account. In light of such events, rikki’s strength apparently lie in heartlessness and cruelty.

Rikki-tikki wiped out the cobras who just wanted to get a great home for their particular family, furthermore, gloried in his killings. “Quick Chuchundra or perhaps I’ll attack you. ” (27) That shows that Rikki-tikki can be friendly only together with the creatures who have are on his side. Also not with the characters who are fairly neutral. And obviously avoid his adversaries. Also this individual doesn’t feel sorry for not solving a problem devoid of or at least in less volume of fatalities. He didn’t even try to move the snakes. Rikki-tikki didn’t possibly listen to Nagaina when the lady asked him to let her leave just to save her and baby’s lives. Then, might be he wished to kill several of his enemies when he could. Or kill anyone who is going to give him a reason. “The boy is safe, and it was I We I that caught Nag by the cover last night inside the bathroom. ‘ Then started to jump up and down, all feet collectively, his mind close to the floors. “He plonked me back and forth, but this individual could not tremble me off. He was useless before the big man blew him in two. I did it! (31) This all leads to the conclusion that Rikki-tikki enjoyed killing others and wanted everyone to recognize him for it. Probably he wanted to let other folks know that this individual dominate in this garden, and you better may argue with him, or perhaps you’re going to go the same highway as Nag and Nagaina.

In conclusion, Rikki-tikki has more reason to become ashamed of him self rather than to get proud. Having been merciless in the dealings with all the snake ovum, and he was merciless in not allowing for Nagaina to go away with her last egg, the only relatives she acquired left. To Rikki-tikki, his killings likewise meant more to him than just the safety of his family. His killings produce for him personal fulfillment, arrogance, and glory. Even though Rikki can be proud of him self for guarding his family members from the cobras, Rikki-tikki’s drive for bloodshed and violence extends further than the commendable cause of guarding those who he loves and goes in into a darker realm of self gratification. Rikki-tikki can not be heralded as being a “hero. inch “Villain” may well be more like that.

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