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United States Ambassador’s Speech to the United Nations Essay

People and citizens of the world, my name is Susan Rice and I was honored to speak to you today. Our countries, which every embrace the United Nations’ quest for throughout the world peace and stability, confront many issues that we can and must solve collectively. My country, the United States of America, can be prepared and determined to act constructively, conscientiously and morally to contribute toward the realization of the shared goals.

The United States of America has recently chosen a brand new and hopeful president who has bold, optimistic, and practical ideas for his country and for our world. I am lucky and privileged to have regarded and worked closely with Mr. Obama for the last many years, and I i am honored that he nominated me for this post within this eminent business.

Working tightly with all of you, I will make an effort to reflect and embody the country’s restored principles of fairness, rights, respect pertaining to human privileges, and like of independence. Our specific homelands and our world overall face overwhelming challenges even as we gather here today. Economic turmoil, secureness threats, political instability and human rights violations think about on all our minds and on the minds of our particular countrymen.

I want to assure you both, and the persons of your region by extension, that we happen to be intent about charting a hopeful new path which will benefit us all. The United States takes pride in our good doing what’s right for the country and then for the world of peace-loving nations all together. We believe which the vast majority of the actions over our more than 200 years have been only and beneficial for the totally free world. Nevertheless , we know that our record is usually not perfect.

Our fresh administration is committed to righting recent wrongs and dealing with our Un counterparts to face and overcome the issues and challenges that confront us today. I wish to lay out some broad worries and aims that we imagine must be addressed and faced for the main advantage of all our nations. Let me estimate our United Nations charter.

This “gives the safety Council principal responsibility pertaining to maintaining intercontinental peace and security” (United Nations, 2009). As we all know, that objective will certainly not be easy to obtain. As a permanent member of the Security Council, the us holds a precious and weighty command role in assisting to keep our society safe from those elements and regimes that plot every single day against freedom and its enduring principles.

All of us steadfastly and clearly say to those dodgy elements that our nation and our allies cannot afford and can not let your efforts to achieve success. This body has the accountability and the capacity to impose calamite on these countries and factions that are intent on assailing peace and freedom. Within that framework for peace and worldwide secureness, the escale of elemental proliferation will still be an unyielding quest. All of us will strive to lower the amount of nuclear weapons that exist around the world and we will tirelessly seek to forestall the development and deployment of nuclear warhead delivery systems. More specifically, let me address one other security issue that threatens all our countries, directly or indirectly.

Personal instability can be described as major problem within just many countries, particularly those who find themselves engaged around today, prove soil, in the fight against terrorism. Let me quote Mister. Obama directly as he engages our opponents of liberty. Our leader stated last night “Let me personally be clear: Al-Qaida and its allies…are in Pakistan and Afghanistan and we have a clear and focused objective to interrupt, dismantle and defeat (them)” (C-Span, 2009).

In that line of thinking, let me likewise assure every of your countries that our country will not participate in cruel or tortuous methods on the combatants that we capture and detain. Allow me to close by stating that Us foreign plan goals happen to be consistent and congruent while using stated goals of the United Nations. We are honored, one land in a marine of many, to contribute to the wellbeing and secureness of our world. References C-SPAN. (2009, 03 27).

C-span. org. Un. (2009, March). un. org.

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