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Tragic history essay

Willy Russell writes a tragic account about two twins who had been separated when they are born but were reunited and became best friends while youngsters when justin was seven. Nevertheless their different skills took them to opposite phases in life. Edward who had a great upper-class lifestyle became a councillor and Mickey on the other hand got dismissed from a factory in which he was doing work and was sent to penitentiary.

They both equally fell in love together with the same young lady called Hermosa. However Bela was Mickeys wife and was going to become a mother to his child when Edward fell in love with her. When ever Mickey experienced come out of jail he had recently been taken tablets to help his depression. Bela needed love and comfort, but as well in order to get Mickey a job and both of them a family house of their own she kept on meeting Edward to get this. Even though the pair of them kept on secretly meeting, they’d an affair which triggered a fatal conclusion.

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Ultimately both the mixed twins die following knowing that we were holding brothers. Mickey mouse shoots Edward and a policeman sets Mickey. This kind of refers to what Mrs Lyons had informed Mrs Johnston they will both expire at the moment they are really told that they are brothers. The important personality that forced Edward and Mickey to death was their mom Mrs Johnston. This is because it had been Mrs Johnston who told them that they were brothers. This kept Mickey with mixed emotions of anger and envy. He thought that he could have been in Edwardss position, and could have wealthy and could have been able to acquire what Edward cullen had. Edward was taken accidentally. This kind of as because Mickey did not mean to shoot Edward, however though he would of regretted this for the rest of his life, sadly a cop had taken him.

Inside the plat you will discover two main characters. These are Mickey and Edward are twins who had been separated at birth. The quotation gis a sweet is said by Mickey which shows that he is a rude boy and does not have any good manners. As a teenager Mickey is rude and impolite to others. This is displayed by the quotation above which can be said to by simply Mickey to Edward. Mickey speaks to Edward in this fashion because he can be from a working-class and has been educated that he would not get the things which he would want or ask for.

For this reason he asks in a rude manner because he considers that there is not any point in requesting polite intended for things that he would like when he can not get them, so he should certainly ask in an aggressive and rude tone so people may be scared of him and would give him things that he would like. Another reason why Mickey requires in a impolite manner happens because he has seven siblings. This means that because he lives a working-class way of life, he needs to share his toys and sweets and often would not get anything as they is the most youthful.

The estimate gis a sweet is just like the estimate gis a ciggie. This is certainly similar to gis a fairly sweet because it nonetheless shows that Mickey mouse is impolite and impolite but it also shows that Mickey is not afraid or self conscious to ask coming from others. By contrast, Mickey mouse is the total opposite to Edward. The reason is , Mickey addresses a language full of slang where as Edward cullen speaks a formal language. Have you any idea F phrase, this is stated by Mickey mouse in the play. Edward would not know everything with swears or slang dialect this is because of his childhood which was by intelligent and wealthy father and mother.

On internet pages 70-71 we know that Mickey has grown up and at the age of 18 he can more mature and responsible than he was like a youngster. This is because he carries a job and has got wedded and is as well expecting a baby. Nevertheless we find out that Mickey had been terminated form his job and has got a pregnant wife. Therefore he will be unable to afford items for his baby. This is similar to Mrs Johnstons position when the girl was pregnant with Edward and Mickey mouse, she could only find the money for to keep one of many twins.

From this scene Mickey mouse is displayed much more smart than Edward cullen because he understands the importance about having a task and featuring for the family. This shows that Mickey is more brilliant than Edward cullen because he is aware of the real world and knows about having responsibilities, where as Edward feels that cash is absolutely nothing a quotation to show this can be looklook, funds money plenty of it, This quote demonstrates Edward would not know the significance of money.

Even though Edward offers studied in university, this individual isnt because intelligent because Mickey is definitely. This is because Edward flaunts his money that he has. As a teenager Edward was a posh and polite youthful boy. On the other hand he was naive and still is usually. A quotation to show this is I can proceed and obtain you a few this is what Edward says after Mickey requests him for a cigarette. On page 71 we once again notice that Edward is gullible. I think we were blood vessels brothers, this kind of quote demonstrates that Edward can be gullible because he believed Mickey that they had been blood siblings when they were youngsters. As well this quotation shows that Edward cullen is idiotic because he still believed that him and Mickey were blood friends at the age of 18.

Edward is usually childish and gullible because of his family background and how he have been brought up. Edward had been bought up to trust people inside the story and in addition because he would not have obligations towards his family and problems about being able to afford to get his baby he is nonetheless childish as they has got a fortune which gives him a lot of freedom as well as the power to have the ability to anything.

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