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Things break apart turning and term conventional

Chinua Achebe, Atonement, Visual Interaction, Ceremony

Excerpt from Term Paper:

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Okonkwo inflexible traditionalism pitted him against his gentle kid Nwoye, who joined the Christian Western missionaries. In the book, Oknokwo needed to participate in a ceremonial human being sacrifice and endure a seven-year exile after his gun accidentally killed the son from the deceased soldier Ezeudu. This individual also shed part of himself when he lost Ikemefuna. Upon returning to the village, he found that torn a part by American Imperialism. Finally, he commits suicide after decapitating a white messenger who violated his authority.

Okonokwo’s decline was as a result of breaking the holy laws in the clan and unsuccessfully fighting against the unjust system of the colonists. He stands like a representation of his complete clan and also other similar civilizations who, throughout the centuries, taking their practices through the strike of Imperialism. Achebe’s book demonstrates that humanity, in both the best and worst cases, is displayed in all civilizations. Thus, it really is imperative for any society that wants to endure to be ready with all types of ethnical intrusions. Ibo is strong as a simply and democratic society, a moral code, economic foundation and artistry and music. The society’s Achille’s recover is that this did not identify it had to build in a failsafe to fight even stronger outside causes and the capacity to meet and adapt to radical change.

To emphasise the importance with this impact on the Ibo by European autocracy, at the end of Things Fall Apart the narrator reveals the sorriest irony of all: the District Commissioner’s mental consumption with a book he is composing, which he hopes to name The Pacification of the Primitive Tribes in the Lower Niger (Rhoads 73). It was certainly not that the Uk had “pacified” the violent primitives. Alternatively it was that they had been too “pacified” to deal with the more “less pacified” Traditional western cultures.


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