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Theory and Evidence-Based Practice of Nursing Essay

Launch Evidence-based nursing jobs is acknowledged as an approach to nursing jobs care that guides to enhance patient outcomes.

Qouting McEwen (2002) Kelly L. Penz and Sandra L. Bassenski pointed out that in nursing practice, formalities, remote, unsystematic scientific experiences and ungrounded viewpoints, and traditions as the basis of practice should be de-emphasized by incorporating in clinical practice evidence-based approach to nursing attention. In detailing what evidence-based approach means, Penz and Bassendowski mentioned Estabrook’s (1998) explanation that evidence-based breastfeeding is a discipline in which nurses generate clinical decisions using current best research evidence, which can be then merged with approved policies and clinical suggestions, clinical expertise and view, and sufferer preferences (Penz & Bassendowski 2006, l 250).

In other words, evidence-based medical practice much more than just a study; it is more than a theory or perhaps practice. However , evidence-based practice of medical is currently subject matter of debate among breastfeeding scholars and educators. Gail J. Mitchell (1999) disagrees that the idea of evidence-based practice is not only a barren opportunity but also obstructs breastfeeding process, individual care, and professional accountability (Mitchell 99, p. 271).

Mitchell asserted that the convenience of the facts has been wrongfully cast inside the context of legitimizing nursing as a occupation instead of conveying evidence together possible resource for supporting client’s decision making (Mitchell, p. 271). The Relationship between Theory and Evidenced-Based Nursing Practice Fawcett remarked that theories constitute much of the familiarity with a discipline and theory and encounters are the improved lenses through which we conduct request. The outcome in the inquiry includes the evidence that finds out the adequacy from the theory. In nursing practice, theory led practice means the traditional clinical approach to specialized medical care whilst in evidence-based practice a nurse consider the significance of the evidence for the person care.

Relating to Penz and Baseendowski evidence-based practice fills the gap between theory, exploration, and practice. It means that theory exclusively or facts alone is usually insufficient foundation clinical proper care, but combining the two produce a useful scientific approach which has potential to improve sufferer care in most clinical practice setting (Penz & Bassendowski p. 251). The relationship as a result of theory and evidence-based nursing practice is that evidence-based practice absorbed theories and incorporating that including exploration, patient’s tastes, and other approved guidelines of the clinical practice.

Penz and Bassendowski known the study of Alligood and Tomey (2002) indicating that assumptive knowledge once blended into the practice of nursing, results to enhanced specialist autonomy. Alligood and Tomey pointed out that once nursing theory is used to direct clinical opinion and decision making, nursing staff can have an understanding of what they do and why, and they are generally capable to describe this to other registered nurse. Even more explanation of the relationship between theory and evidence-based practice can be established in the that means and reason for theory that self.

Lynn Rew pointed out that it is theory that presented or established what genuinely count as evidence. Based on the premise that theory is the reason00 and the worth of the data, Rew provided a framework depending on three elements: Components, Goal, and Results, which depicts ideal romantic relationship between theory and evidence-based nursing practice. Conclusion Despite of different emphasis of theory centered nursing and evidence-based medical practice, the aim of both camps is to improve the scientific care of the nursing practice for the main advantage of the patient.

Nevertheless , the turmoil of emphasis threatened to abolished the long set up processes of clinical attention in favor of evidence based nursing practice that happen to be not really completely proven incredibly successful in clinical treatment. Tracing therefore the relationship among theory and evidence-based nursing practice helps not only to determine what the conflict was about but but it gives proper understanding of the nursing practice particularly the evidence-based nursing. Whether theory well guided practice or perhaps evidence-based nursing practice, what is important is that the nursing practice should be understandable to nursing staff and to the person. Reference Fawcett, J.; Watson, J.; Neuman, B.; Master, P.; & Fitzpatrick, J. (2001) About Nursing Theories and Evicence.

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