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The three primary challenges in organization


An organization desires its network to be reliable, secure, flexible, expandable and cost-effective. Therefore IT groups must perform a series of managing acts.

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The three key challenges happen to be:

  • Flexibility vs . Security
  • Cost or Capability
  • Trustworthiness vs . Progress

Flexibility vs . Protection

Network secureness has had to adapt increasingly quickly, to keep up with the newest ways that users and back-end systems job. Mobility and variety are currently on the boost at both sides of the business network. With the outer edge, users happen to be operating an expanding range of hand-held computing devices. On the inner border, virtualised computers, new storage space devices (NAS and SAN), and info backup systems are upgrading what accustomed to be a simple cluster of static web servers. Both consumer needs and business needs are adding new requirements towards the list of features that a network must support. New personal computing devices, with modern operating systems and completely new capabilities, are materialising in an exponential price. Almost when as a new technology is made ” even one that recently seemed like imagination, for example making a video phone wirelessly while walking around a building ” it becomes essential.

The era of static desk-bound PCs, running a prescribed OPERATING SYSTEM image and a prescribed set of applications, has passed. The enterprise network must certainly be a more available platform. This flexibility in end-point products and applications brings protection risks. Contemporary operating systems and data traffic allow the prospect of unique kinds of viruses and cyber-attacks. Inside the highly competitive mobile device market, applications are rushed in to production as quickly as possible, further increasing the risk of reliability flaws staying introduced. The act of lifting constraints on which products can affix to the network also greatly increases the chances for fake users to gain access. Inside the era of static desk-bound PCs, it was relatively straight-forward to create email lists of allowed devices, and thereby deny connection to anything else. But , now that network users, and even network guests, can easily connect the devices with their choice, the process of authentication is a bit more challenging.

Flexibility in the inner edge is not really security-threatening since that on the outer edge. However , the mobility of virtual computers, and of safe-keeping, necessitates heightened traffic filtering methods. Additionally , virtual web servers and/or all their data happen to be increasingly becoming mirrored to offsite locations for catastrophe recovery. This introduces just one more piece for the network security puzzle.

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