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Communication tools used in present day business

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ICT is an acronym that means Information Telecoms technology. There is no globally accepted definition of ICT, as the concepts, strategies and applications involved in ICT are regularly evolving with an almost daily basis and it is difficult to keep up but also this kind of evolution offers far-reaching results on the two businesses and personal lives. A great way to think about ICT is to consider all uses of digital technology that exist to aid individuals, businesses and companies use of details. ICT covers any product that will retail outlet, retrieve, manipulate, transmit or receive data electronically within a digital type. For example , personal computers, digital television set, email, software, et cetera. So ICT is involved with the storage space, retrieval, treatment, transmission or receipt of digital data. Importantly, additionally it is concerned with how these diverse uses could work with each other.

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It has to be taken into account that running a business, ICT can often be categorized in to two wide types of product:

  • (i) Computer-based technologies (things you can commonly do over a personal computer or using pcs at home or perhaps at work).
  • (ii) Digital connection technologies (which allow people and organisations to speak and share information digitally through emails, digital newsletters, multimedia releases, video-calling, et cetera. Lets use a brief check out these two groups to demonstrate the kinds of products and ideas which can be covered by ICT.

Traditional computer system based technologies Standard office applications Phrase processing: eg Ms Word to write albhabets, reports, etc Spreadsheets: eg Ms Stand out to analyse financials, calculations, et cetera Databases software: eg Oracle/Ms SQL Server/Access to manage date in lots of forms from basic lists (eg customer contacts to catalogues) Business presentation software: for example Ms PowerPoint to prepare delivering presentations Desktop creating: eg Adobe Indesign/Quark Express/MS Publisher to make newsletters, publications and other sophisticated documents Graphics software: eg Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create and edit images such as logos, drawing or perhaps pictures use with DTP, websites or various other publications. Professional applications Accounting package: eg Sage/Oracle to deal with an organisations accounts Pc Aided Style (CAD): to help the design process.

Specialist programmes exist for many times of design such as architectural, architectural, electronics and roadways Buyer Relations Administration (CRM): to let businesses to raised understand their customers by collecting and analysing data just like their product preferences and buying habits and so forth Often associated with software applications operating call zones and loyalty cards, as an example the first component of ICT pertains to people. OLeary and OLeary (2007) admit people are one of the most component of ICT. Simply because it can be people who source data, make judgement and decisions from your output. ICT is used simply by two types of individuals in the business environment, those working in the organization and customers who access information about the business. An exchange info allows frontrunners and managers to make informed decisions. The second ICT part relates to content. To understand content we need to distinguish between data and details. (Tutor2u, online)

For example , the City of Johannesburgs Library and Information Providers Directorate is liable for Improve techno-literacy skills of communities to bridge the digital split and provide access to global information resources for the citizens from the City through eLearning programs and among other duties, to Improve skills support including science and technology recognition, career development services, organization information support, information literacy support and reference and research support. This is executed through eLearning digital details services, eWorld, techno literacy skills. This is what I regard since evolution. (City of Johannesburg, SDBIP, 2016/17)

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