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The the spanish language colonization inside the

The Israel was incredibly lucky since our nation was rich in natural assets. And that is the reason why many foreign countries had colonized each of our country. The country is one of the foreign countries that colonized each of our country for more than three hundred years. They are the reason why Filipinos knowledgeable suffered, hardship, persecution etc . during their colonization. But the Spanish had likewise contributes good things in our region specially to us Filipinos. The The spanish language colonization in the Philippines lead to us for making some questions in our mind on how does the Philippine survived? Though they skilled the inhumanity of the Spaniards.

We can say that the Philippine during the time of the Spanish was so very poor and shame because the Spaniards treated the Filipino people not as man but as all their slaves. They will abused the Filipino. The lives from the Filipinos through the Spanish colonization was thus very difficult. That they never knowledgeable the “freedom.

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Even though there are numerous negative things that the Spaniards given to the Filipinos nevertheless there is even now positive input that the Spanish government given to us.

And one among this confident contribution is definitely their tradition. The Spanish people introduced us exactly what their traditions like that they introduced all of us their Latina alphabet, the art of painting, the appearance of Theocratic Literary works, the tenacity of folk and colonial artwork and the Asian music and western musical instrument. This contributions brought this kind of good things in the Filipinos as this things helped us to improved our culture and ourself. The Spanish government likewise helped the Filipino inside their educational circumstance. The Spanish teach the Filipino kids not only about scholars but also religious points. They train them approach become a God-fearing person. And also the Spanish government founded diverse schools.

There was primary, secondary, tertiary educational institutions that the Spanish built in the country just like the Ateneo, the University of Santo Tomas (UST), the Santa Isabel and many more. And are very thankful because all those schools had been still instructing the Filipino people up to now. And also the The spanish language government changed the Filipino people socially. Like the hispanization of Philippine surnames. As well the Spanish introduced to the Filipino to used the stone in building structure so that the bahay kubo was transformed into bahay na bato with porch and we feel that was the type of some homes today. And in addition they changed the mode of Filipino shower. The Spanish introduced the wearing traditional western coat and trousers or perhaps amiricana, which will replaced their traditional coat and bahag for men.

Additionally they encourage the Filipino males to stop making use of the putong and in turn wore hats and they also started putting on slippers and shoes rather than go around unshod. And for ladies they started out using ya and camisa, replacing their particular traditional paréo. The women also learned to used echarpe de manila or shawls and handkerchief and also like the men, the women started applying slippers and shoes. The Spanish also influenced us to celebrate spiritual feasts praising patron Saints because this is the consequence if you are converted into Catholicism. The Spanish changed the lives of Filipino. However the Spanish was inhumanity but the Filipino was still being lucky as the Spanish persons exerted initiatives to implement our nation by posting to us the way of their living and those things added a lot to us Filipino.

And that we also give thanks to the Spanish because they will converted the Filipino into Catholicism since if the The country of spain had not been successful to colonized our nation, then our nation would have been a Muslim nation now. Catholicism is the most important contribution the fact that Spanish provided to us. The Spanish colonization in the Korea brought this kind of poverty, assault, misery to us Filipino. But it also contributes us a lot of good items. They superior and helped our region in many ways.

Even though the Filipino experienced the inhumanity of the Spaniards but still they will influenced all of us the way of their living and until today we continue to used and make all those influences inside our daily lives. The only thing that we can say in the Spanish colonization is that we all felt diverse emotions. We felt angry because the Spaniards abused the Filipino that they treated these people as slaves. We experienced sad mainly because their are many Filipinos lost their own lives just for the sake of the country person. And for the freedom of our nation. And also we all felt cheerful because the Spaniards contributes various good things inside our country, the Philippines.


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