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Actual beauty is definitely the natural beauty

Purpose is identified as author’s goals; in “The Eye of the Beholder”, Suh’s goal should be to persuade readers just be themselves, and do not employ makeup to create a fake confront. (2) Diathesis is defined as reliability; Suh utilized her personal experience and her popularity to support her argument in stop making up, and just be natural. (3) Logos is identified as evidence and logic;

Suh used a lot of evidence and logic to prove that employing makeup cannot make people appear pretty.

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(4) Diction is described as the writer’s distinctive vocabulary choices and elegance of expression designed for effect; Suh applied ” Mannequin”, “fake”, “terrible”, and “familiar and comforting” to express that she certainly not suitable for make-up, and believed confidence regarding do their self. Conclusion

Replicate hook, thesis statement, and background information; and provide definitions and analysis of purpose, diathesis, logos, and diction.

Yixian Chen

Dr . Mary F Bucknor-Smartt


Final draft

Real splendor is the natural splendor

“Do people generally judge persons by their appearances? ” The solution is definitely yes.

The main one who appears nice may leave a good impression on others. Individuals who have good looks would have even more opportunities than others, like their can certainly find a job, or perhaps become a TV SET star to earn wide range of money.

Because of these, more and more people learn to pay more attention on their overall look. According to Aesthetic Plastic-type material Surgery report, Americans spent nearly $11 billion dollars on rhinoplasty before and after pictures in 2012. From this statistic we all realized that at present, more and more people want to spend money on plastic surgeries or perhaps make ups in order to make these people more fabulous. In this newspaper, I am going to evaluate the purpose, ethos, logos and diction in Grace Suh’s “The Vision of the Beholder”. Purpose is identified as author’s goals.

In “The Eye with the Beholder”, Suh’s goal is always to pursued viewers just be themselves, and do not make use of makeup to produce a fake encounter. After make-up, Suh thought her confront “had an unfamiliar plastic gloss, like a mannequin’s” (Suh 188). And the lady asked their self ” Was this correct? Didn’t We look kind of —fake? ” (Suh 189). From these types of we can understand that Suh did not like the face full of makeup products. Actually, your woman thought the facial skin was unnatural after applying lip high gloss, blush, groundwork and eye shadows.

The girl was not pleased with her new aspect, so the lady quickly wish to the bathroom and take out all the makeup on her confront. After that, Suh felt “familiar and comforting” about himself (Suh 190). Suh experienced uncomfortable following make up, and felt familiar after take away the cosmetics. In comparison with these two diverse feelings, Suh wants to appeal people stop make up, and simply be natural. Ethos is described as credibility. Suh used her own knowledge and her reputation to aid her debate on quit wearing constitute, and just be natural.

1st, Suh is skilled editor and writing instructor in New York City. In addition , her work has appeared inside the New York Times, Smock journal, and the Oriental Pacific American Journal (Suh 187). Depending on her standing, audience can fully trust what the girl said. Second, Suh utilized her individual experience to share us applied makeup sometimes not look beautiful although horrible. For example , after applied eye makeup, Suh could not identify her encounter in the reflection because inches the drawn-on fold and dark, weighty shadows distorted and proportioned my whole face” (Suh 189). Suh stared with the mirror, and found the face inside the mirror appeared as if a unfamiliar person. She appeared terrible following wearing make-up. Suh also notice that not any everyone is ideal for wearing constitute.

The Estee lady was pretty, so after her make up the lady was fairly too. “Her blue eyes were recessed in an complex pattern of folds and hollows” (Suh 189). Yet , Suh has not been beautiful, because her personal description about herself, the girl was with “ragged locks; the darker circles under my eyes; the facial blemishes” (Suh 187). So even though Suh got make up upon, she was still not enchanting. Logos is described as evidence and logic. Suh used several

evidence and common sense to prove that using cosmetic cannot get people to look fairly.

Firstly, Suh used common sense to show that cosmetic sometimes may not make people look very well but even worse. Suh in the beginning thought herself not look pretty, thus she thought that make-up could help her improving her appearance. But on the contrary, Suh looked much more terrible after make up. For example , Suh referred to “my epidermis was a blankly even hue of pale, my cheeks and lips glaringly shiny in contrast” (Suh 188). From these kinds of descriptions, we can realize Suh did not pleased with her overall look after constitute. Secondly, Suh became more self-confident regarding her overall look. At the very beginning, Suh believed she was ugly, and wanted to alter her overall look through makeup products.

But following your unsuccessful changing, she finally realized that the actual beauty was something from the inside, like confidence. With this in mind, Suh found that she has not been ugly since she believed before. Diction is defined as the writer’s unique vocabulary choices and style of expression made for effect; Suh used inch Mannequin”, “fake”, “terrible”, and “familiar and comforting” expressing that the girl not suited to makeup, and felt self confidence about carry out herself. Firstly, “mannequin” means dummy used to display the clothed in the window retail store. In the section, it means not really real. Second, “fake” means not what seems to be. Inside the paragraph this defined as not naturally made.

These two terms shows that following used makeup, Suh sensed strange about her deal with. Thirdly, inches terrible” means awful. In the paragraph, following used eye makeup, Suh viewed horrible, thus after this horrible experience, Suh no longer ready to make up. Fourthly, ” familiar and comforting” shows that Suh became self-confidence about her own appearance, and understood the real the first is the beautiful a single. In conclusion, people also assess people by way of a appearance; those who look nice may leave persons a good impression.

With this in mind, at present, people pay more attention on the appearance than before. More and more people are willing to spend large amount of money upon makeups or perhaps cosmetic surgical procedures. In Suh’s The Eye of the Beholder”, the lady used purpose, ethos, logos and diction to illustrate her standpoint that makeup is certainly not help to improve the appearance, the real appearance can be natural and beautiful. Purpose is defined as author’s goals; in “The Eyesight of the Beholder”, Suh’s objective is to recommend readers to hold real. Diathesis is defined as reliability; Suh applied her own experience and her standing to support her argument upon stop applying cosmetics.

Logos is defined as evidence and logic; Suh used several evidence and logic to prove that employing makeup are unable to make people appearance pretty, perhaps even worse. Diction is defined as the writer’s special vocabulary alternatives and style of expression created for effect; Suh used inches Mannequin”, “fake”, “terrible”, and “familiar and comforting” to express that the lady not well suited for makeup, and felt self-confidence about do herself.

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