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The quest for happyness synopsis

Human Resources

Determination is one of the key human resources used in The Pursuit of Happyness. Chris uses it to accomplish many goals for him and his family. His willpower makes him stronger helping him to never give up on finding a better job. Although Chris hasnt had any degree after high school, his common sense and dedication to learn, features helped him obtain this goal, to have a better work. Trust is usually something that Bob gives out very easily in this film. He reliable an old lady on the street too quickly, which usually lead to the negative result of her stealing his scanner. One other negative resource in the film was desertion. Chris was abandoned as a child and the same was taking place to him now because an adult. His wife abandoned him fantastic son, offering him the pressures of being a single parent. Not only did it retrieve bad remembrances but it also made him think helpless. Bob didnt know very well what was going to happen in the future, but he understood that he’d be determined to make sure his son would have a better childhood than he ever did.

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Non-Human Assets

When Chriss wife kept him wonderful son, they will barely experienced any nonhuman resources. They will didnt are able to afford to pay for food, rent and childcare. Bob didnt include a car, so for him to find a better paying work he had to work with public transfer such as a teach, bus or perhaps taxi. Those forms of transfer he wouldnt have been capable to sell his scanners, receive his child to school and get himself to his new task in the future. When ever Chris lost his house, safe shelter for him and his son became a problem. It took him a few days and nights to find a desolate community center where they both slept until Philip could bring in more money to get a better place.

Needs and Wants

Requirements are items that humans must have to outlive. Wants are desires that individuals have, even though arent necessary for survival. For many individuals and families, management entails balancing and satisfying demands and desires.


Chriss biggest need was to obtain a better task, earning a better income. This individual needed this kind of to pay for rent, food and a better education for his son. To slice down on costs that this individual couldnt afford, Chris place his son in a poor educational environment where he couldnt learn the expertise he needs for your survival later on in life. Not simply did his son possess a bad learning environment although Chris couldnt afford hire so his son also had a poor living environment for a while. That they went coming from living in a tiny apartment, to bathrooms, in that case to crowded homeless pet shelters. Food was obviously a struggle as it wasnt simply provided to Chris fantastic son, it absolutely was also given to everyone else remaining in the desolate shelter. They would get meals with very little variety, nonetheless it was sufficient to survive the nights they will stayed generally there. A little bit of joy was necessary to survive this kind of experience, and Chris and his son demonstrated that during this film.


Chris wanted to become a stockbroker yet he didnt do very much about it. This kind of resulted in his wife leaving because the deficiency of money caused by his current job, advertising scanners. Chris refused to leave her consider his child and guaranteed to make a better living on their behalf but that wasnt enough for her. She spent her money upon smokes the lady didnt will need and decided to only look after herself, therefore she still left her child with Philip, resulting in the breakup with their relationship. Chris wanted his wife back and the relationship that they can once acquired but he knew it might never end up being the same. Chris still desired a better existence for him and his child, so he pursued his dream, within the chase to get happiness.


In the motion picture The Pursuit of Happyness, Bob has many principles, attitudes and beliefs that contribute to the advancement his desired goals, as well as enhancing his daughters well-being. Bob has had a large number of positive and negative experiences in the film which have damaged his attitude towards conditions. When Chriss wife leaves and really wants to take his son, this affects Chris negatively when he was looking to improve her and their kids well-being. Although Chris gets his son back, their very own wellbeing reaches poor criteria.

The bad impacts that happen to Chris and his son dont eliminate them like it would destroy most people. It only makes it stronger and shows that they can still have an optimistic attitude inside the most adverse situations. Philip uses his imagination to create a better knowledge for his son when homeless, making the best away of a awful situation. Among Chriss main beliefs is usually, dont permit anyone let you know what to do, not even me, he says this to his son, as he wants him to live his own existence in his very own way and follow his own dreams, not somebody elses. The whole experience has turned Chris a much more positive person as he has made it through the tough times of losing his wife and home by simply achieving his goals and enhancing his sons wellbeing. He attacked happiness and he discovered it.

We All Need a Roof structure in the Rainfall


Wellness describes joy, confidence, wellbeing and general outlook on life. It is about feeling good and taking care of your self. Individuals and families knowledge wellbeing once their needs and wants will be being happy. We all need a roof in the rain has many positive and negative elements that can impact on wellbeing. Inside the text this shows a homeless gentleman living for the streets in the station wagon. To this gentleman, his station wagon is not just shelter nonetheless it is his home. The man tidies this, and brings decorations to it, dealing with it just like its a mobile home. He performs this to maintain a sense of independence and dignity offering him a positive attitude to his health and wellness. He is rarely around people, just in his own world rolling a cigarette or perhaps doing his washing.

This can negatively impact on his cultural well-being, as he might get insane with no human being contact and only himself approach. The destitute man is usually safe. He locks himself and all his belongings inside of the car and secures reflective glass to the window. This provides you with him a feeling of security, positively affecting his socio-economic wellbeing. His things that are locked in the car include, clothing, cooking gear, ebooks and odds and ends hes accumulated from the road.

His clothing get rinsed by dipping them in what looks like a Tupperware textbox, half-filled with soapy water after which dried throughout the back home window. He helps you to save money by doing this and will have got clean outfits that can effects positively in the physical well-being. He uses the 3hr parking free zone to park his car on the side of the streets, always staying one step ahead through the parking inspector by changing blocks every single 3hrs. This makes his economical well-being great as he sneakily gets aside without paying to get parking. Although the homeless man is going every 3hrs, his home is still in the same position. Thats what keeps him sane, provides him a positive outlook on life. He might be desolate, but his well-being could be better than some individuals that do have a home.

Coast Refuge

Coast Refuge is a non-for-profit charity depending on the NSW Central Coast which was operating for more than two decades and provides holiday accommodation to over one hundred and fifty men, females, families and youth each night. Our friends range from those people who are homeless or perhaps at impending risk of homelessness due to a range of factors including loss of job, family malfunction, mental medical issues, drug and alcohol problems, to those who have are socially isolated and disconnected from other family and community. The Coast Community Center receives company support, fund-collecting activities, donations and a fantastic volunteer labor force. The Community Centre is wide open 7 days a week and supplies over one hundred and fifty free meals each day. Every single volunteer food provider group contributes the constituents, prepares and serves all their meal.

Furthermore to free of charge meals, the city Centre provides the following services:

Examination and recommendation to relevant agencies

Free of charge Legal Advice just about every Monday simply by Central Coast Community Legal Middle

Centrelink Community Engagement Police officer

No Curiosity Loans (NILS) for people on low earnings to purchase essential household products

Energy Vouchers (EAPA) to help people having problems paying gas and/or electricity bills

Assistance to load prescriptions for clients experiencing financial hardship

Food Hinders made up coming from donated items

Rentstart For a provides a hyperlink to Housing NSW via send and phone for Rent Assistance

Shower and Laundry Establishments are available every day

Free shampoo or conditioner and haircuts every week

Cost-free Podiatry check-ups every 90 days

Casework support

One off payments for utilities, hire, groceries, and so forth

Emergency medical aid, first aid training, secours cover and so forth

Financial support to job application or start study or perhaps employment

Nursery costs as well as after university care for emergencies, respite or perhaps other appointments

Counselling, mental and other services

Research tells us that many people experience homelessness over a extended period and move among different varieties of accommodation “refugees, staying with good friends and sometimes in rented lodging. It also tells us that many people may only experience homelessness when in their lives and may need only initial or minimal assistance to solve this situation. Others may transfer and out of homelessness on a more regular basis and may even become stuck in a circuit of homelessness if they are not provided with the support they should get out and stay out of the cycle. Coastline Shelter may respond to homelessness by using a broad approach, centering on preventing those who are at risk from ever turning into homeless, about resolving homelessness where it can occur immediately, and on promoting people who have recently been homeless to stop them getting homeless once again.

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