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Film overview gladiator dissertation

This kind of essay has become written to analyze 6 casings from the film, Gladiator, when it comes to camera distance and position, framing, lighting, color, portrayal, lenses applied, and idea. These factors work together to determine how effective the series is. The 6 support frames take place in sequence 1, of the film, the battle scene. In shape 1, you observe Maximus’s palm passing through grass. The type of taken used is known as a close-up, plus the camera viewpoint is an eye-level perspective. The framework focuses the viewers interest on the hand. A normal lens is used from this shot.

This happens correct in the beginning of the film. The hand passing through the grass has symbolism. It is a symbol of Maximus’s home, and farm. He draws on this picture during the struggle scene, to offer him comfort and ease, and generate him feel comfortable. The colors applied are very light. Soft colours giving the group a feeling of tranquility, peace, and happiness. In frame several, a parrot can be seen sitting down on a twig or department. The shot is a great eye-level extended shot, a typical lens is used. The framework focuses the viewers attention on the bird. The lamps and colors are incredibly dark, and this gives the viewers a depressing feeling.

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This kind of bird within the twig also offers an important meaning in the film. Maximus studies and wristwatches this chicken before the struggle commences. The bird may symbolize humbleness during disorderly time of conflict. It could likewise symbolize brand name Maximus. In sequence 2, we come across Maximus’ deal with. The type of shot is a great eye-level, close-up. The body focuses the views focus on Maximus’s facial expression. He seems calm and is also looking into range. He is probably thinking of the battle thats to come, or of home. Maximus is very relaxed in a situation which can be very tight.

The colors are incredibly dark, and these dark colors will continue to be in the struggle scene, to create a feeling of unhappiness. This symbolizes that this conflict is nasty. In shape 4, we can see a soldier on a horse back, and the surroundings. This shot is an eye-level developing shot. The lighting and colors are once more very dark and morbid. This kind of shot can be used at the beginning of the sequence to exhibit the visitors the setting of where the battle will be held at. It says Germania inside the frame, which informs the viewer with their location. In succession, one after another, continually 8, we come across Roman military cheering war chants.

The sort of shot is known as a low perspective, long shot. The low angle shot is employed to indicate strength and electricity. It points upwards giving the people power. The both roman army is incredibly powerful, and it seems as though no-one can defeat them. The lighting is once more dark and morbid. In succession, one after another, continually 6 we come across the emperor, Marcus Aurelius’ and a few of his protectors. The taken used is known as a medium close up with a low angle. This provides you with strength and power to the emperor, which is what he possesses. The framing provides the viewers to focus on the face expression of the emperor. He seems alternatively calm, nevertheless also very interested at the same time.

He’s almost over with his battle campaign, which is very anticipating the challenge to start. The lighting and colour can be dark To conclude, each of the 6th frames coveys a different concept to the viewer. The significance in each frame is essential and powerful. It makes the film better and engaging. This sequence was quite effective as it gives the viewer a simple look at their characters. This sets the scene for the film, and it was a very goof opening pattern. It is powerful, as it gives the viewer a glimpse of all action that is certainly to follow.

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