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The problems in sierra leone and why they need our

Sierra Leone

Many times we discover ourselves up against problems in our own lives that we can solve in various ways, whether by ourselves, with the help of others, or through a bigger group effort. Today especially, if we need help past ourselves we are able to reach out to relatives and buddies or those with similar believes quite easily to solve these challenges. However , some people in the world aren’t as fortunate as we happen to be in this respect. Some people throughout the world have constant turmoil in their lives that most other folks are completely unaware of. Almost certainly, these daily life threatening issues go unnoticed. We can, on the other hand help these individuals in need of the support. We could help the Sierra Leoneeons.

Sierra Leone is a region in Africa known for its diamond mines. However , did you know a municipal war have been fought there for over 10 years, and the country is still experiencing aftermath? In fact , from the yr 1990 to 2002, above fifty thousands of people were killed, as well as many others being mutilated or perhaps injured. Additionally, Sierra Leone’s economy was virtually put at a standstill, intended for no dealers dared to venture in to the country and those traders inside it which tried to leave weren’t awarded access. Furthermore, in the rebel’s conquest of tribes, above twelve hundred or so schools were destroyed, schools that otherwise would ensure that the nation improve society following your war experienced ended.

To add to the down sides that affected the nation during its civil war, children were recruited by both sides to become military. This was generally done forcefully, as the choice was death. These kid soldiers had been fierce and loyal to their aspect, did medications on a daily basis, and conducted raids of urban centers in which that they killed the opposing side’s soldiers and civilians. These types of atrocities, yet , can be forgotten when seeing the age of these soldiers. With a as small as nine, and others ranging to sixteen, these kids obviously didn’t know any better. If certainly not taught specially to be cold-blooded killers, these types of children might have never proved this way. It is sad to believe that a place’s youth can be changed into such a terrible force, by which they had zero say in the matter.

The city war in Sierra Leone has officially been finished as of today, however the country is still in need of terrible support. The is still struggling to rebuild a new foreseeable future from the ruble of the past. In several ways, people near your vicinity might seem this easier to only start fighting again. This kind of, however , will of course not lead to any kind of long-term solutions. The country needs to be reconstructed, and you will help. Included within Allen Lyon’s Prezi, A Overlooked Nation, is that you need to learn about the problems that plagued Serranía Leone in past times, and what you can do to help the country today. Listed inside will be multiple techniques you can ensure that the country today, including having the Prezi out there. Share the Prezi in your school, cathedral, or other community meeting center, or perhaps better yet on the net where it may reach more people! Only share it, and its ways that you can help, with others. If the online video gets in existence and everyone is aware of it, modify will be produced. The larger number of people aware, the greater people we need to help with the other ways stated, too, such as contacting political figures and arranging donations. With each other, we may not be stopped!

Serranía Leone is dire want of help. If through the A Forgotten Nation project, or through your own means, the difficulties Sierra Leone is facing are not forgettable. Get together with a friends, and make a change today. Sierra Leone demands you, and we need you to make them. We must support these people that have no tone of voice, and loan them mine. Together we can make a difference and rebuild Macizo Leone to its past glory.

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